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    The Prophets vs. The Priests

    I've come to understand the Old Testament as being written by 2 groups - the prophets and the priests. But there's a problem. They don't agree. The priests tell me about the feasts of Israel, and how to keep the sabbaths and holy days. But the prophets tell me God hates those assemblies. I...
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    ECT Abraham's Covenant as a Gentile

    Reading in Galatians 3. As nearly as I can tell, Paul claims that Abram's covenant is the same covenant that believers now enter (v.7,17). Am I wrong? If it's a separate covenant, is Paul appropriating the blessings of an obsolete covenant for the believer (v.9)? And then is this then a 3rd...
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    ECT What is the Gospel?

    It seems the intractable debate of this forum is whether there is 1 gospel or 2. Rather than talking around the problem or attacking each other, can we just cut to the chase? What gospel did Jesus preach? What gospel did Paul preach? How are they the same/different?
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    How well do you know Genesis?

    I had trouble sleeping last night, so I used the time to create a pop quiz all about Genesis. There are only 10 questions, but most of them allow multiple selections. Cheatin' is not altogether prohibited, but if you go...