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  1. JudgeRightly

    Interesting paradox

    I think it's noteworthy to remember that warmer climates (obviously not too warm) are better for crop yields, generally speaking.
  2. JudgeRightly

    Interesting paradox

    Supply and demand. Simple as that. Supply goes up, demand goes down, price goes down. Supply goes down, demand goes up, price goes up. ... Usually...
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    Interesting paradox

    Fair. It DOES show that God is merciful! But a paradox is something Well, solar panels are typically made using coal, but they don't have to be. Not as efficient, but I'm willing to chalk that up to the fact that theyr'e not as common, and thus not as much research has been done to make them...
  4. JudgeRightly

    Interesting paradox

    1) Why is that a paradox? 2) I'm sure man is creative enough to have been able to create a similar level of civilization to today's even without fossil fuels, and if the men of today weren't so wicked, I'm sure we'd have no problem moving away from fossil fuels to renewable resources, and have...
  5. JudgeRightly

    uh oh canada :(

    Not only that, but while there might be some "good" republicans, the parties themselves are both clearly on the "evil" side. God is on the right, everything else is left of Him. As Christians, we should strive to be as far right as we can be!
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    All Things come with Christ !

    Thank you. Not to mention, "reconciliation" makes no sense WITHOUT there being a willingness on the part of man to reconcile, which is exactly why Paul said, PLEADS, even, "Be reconciled!" He won't answer this, but if he does, he'll dismiss it in some way as not being important, or not relevant.
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    Is believing/faith a work ?

    Wrong. Faith is not a work. A "work" is something done in order to obtain a reward. Faith is not that, it is a recognition that one is UNABLE TO DO anything to obtain the reward that is eternal life. You've got it backwards, once again. GRACE comes THROUGH FAITH, not faith through grace...
  8. JudgeRightly

    All Things come with Christ !

    You need to just use the "+Quote" button. Yes, it is, by definition, because it's asked in a certain way that, no matter how it's answered, presupposes at least one unverified assumption (that "reconciled" = saved) that the person being questioned is likely to disagree with. That's why I...
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    Did God put Israel's covenant on hold?
  10. JudgeRightly

    The Trinity
  11. JudgeRightly

    Abortion is evil

    Practicality of something doesn't make something right or wrong. It is wrong to murder the innocent. That includes the innocent baby in the womb, the moment he or she comes into existence. We? You have a mouse in your pocket or something? Anyways, you might not, but a fertilized human egg...
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    Who brought Jesus back to life when he died?

    Then don't be a troll. Correct. You don't. Talk about arrogance and self-importance... Nothing you have said so far is anything we haven't heard before. You're not the first "Jesus is not God" cultist we've had here, nor will you be the last. Very much so. Name calling is allowed...
  13. JudgeRightly

    All Things come with Christ !

    Loaded question. Paul is talking ABOUT BELIEVERS, TO BELIEVERS. He is talking about "WE (believers) who have been reconciled, WE shall be saved by His life. Not "the reconciled shall be saved by His life." WE believers ARE reconciled, but you want to assume thats' the only thing that...
  14. JudgeRightly

    Who brought Jesus back to life when he died?

    No, it's not what he believes, you nincompoop. If you're just here to cause trouble, you're going to get banned very quickly. Don't be dumb. No one here does. Straw man Then quit playing games. Then quit acting like one. Because He did, like He said He would. Straw man. Not what we...
  15. JudgeRightly

    Who brought Jesus back to life when he died?

    Duh. That's not our claim. Says the one who refuses to believe Jesus' own words. No, we're not. What we're saying, which the Bible shows, is that God the Son became a man, and took upon Himself a human nature, in addition to his divine nature, so that now He has two natures, one divine, and...
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    A little comedy break....

    That's terrible... hahahahaha!
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    Are you Going to Heaven?

    Like @Clete said: Answered in post #787.
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    Eternal suffering is not Literal

    Then you're probably not a calvinist. Which is good. No one can lose the Holy Spirit in this current dispensation (grace), because being saved is not based on anything a man can or does or will do. Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you...
  19. JudgeRightly

    Abortion is evil

    No, no "buts." It's immoral, thus, not allowed. End of story. Murder and rape are BOTH capital crimes, according to God. BOTH should result in the death of the one who commits them. That includes the murderers of children, and the rapist who assaults a woman which results in a baby being...
  20. JudgeRightly

    Jesus is God !

    Saying it doesn't make it so. Yes, there is only one God. But He is not a singular Being. The first verse in the Bible, one of the most studied/well known verses, uses the PLURAL form of the word "God", but uses the singular form of the word "created." Moses, the one who wrote Genesis, did...