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  1. Town Heretic

    Judging the Mitchell Report

    Rachel Mitchell, the republican hired prosecutor who asked Ford a number of questions during the recent hearing released her findings to the GOP via memo the other day (link to memo). I want to address it and the claims made within it, concluding with my summation of the nature of Mitchell's...
  2. Town Heretic

    Fanaticism in an Age of Fear

    From the religious to the political, we live in an age dominated by the fanatic. Their conduct can impact us in a myriad of negative ways, from instilling personal apprehension regarding our safety or the larger stability of our institutions, to promoting anger in response to the message, or by...
  3. Town Heretic

    Sports Talk 2018: Lebron to Brady and Everything in Between

    Thought it wouldn't hurt to have a general sports talk thread, though I'm not sure how many are left who care about it. I'll start with the NBA, just wrapping up its season. I didn't watch a single game of the NBA finals this year for the first time in memory. And I'm about as indifferent to...
  4. Town Heretic

    Cub Reporters 2018

    A little catching up to do. January through April will appear in the next post, truncated...and May when it closes. And, as always, the monthly winners will be noted below throughout the year. Winnering Nags: The Derby Whinner: Mod approved--so it doesn't get reported. :salute:
  5. Town Heretic

    Forum Life Lessons: Questioning the TOL Experience

    So, 10 questions for people about their TOL experience. I'm going to create an index of posters/answers using the second post and move my answers to the latest post. :cheers: 1. When you first arrived how much experience did you have with internet forums and were you surprised by what you...
  6. Town Heretic

    Merry Christmas TOL

    To those happy few and those fallen by the wayside or occupied by the next great adventure. It seems fitting to borrow from and remember one of my favorite members and associations around here, a man who made the place and everyone in it better by his presence and consideration. On my browser...
  7. Town Heretic

    Fun Tests: from psychology to color

    FEEL FREE TO ADD A TEST. If I really like it I'll put it in the list below for easy reference. We spend the first decade and then some hating tests and the following decades taking them for fun. :Plain: Anyway, I thought it might be worthwhile to have a clearing house for them. 1. Free...
  8. Town Heretic

    Alt-righter plows into crowd of anti-racists in Charlottesville

    Just in case anyone had a few more words they wanted to say about the incident, the president's response to it, or to add to the larger discussion on a growing, increasingly emboldened, extremist, alt-right cancer on the national body politic.
  9. Town Heretic

    Your Mount Rushmores (Sports, Music, Politics, etc.)

    Every now and then we've taken cracks at the Mount Rushmore of one sport of the other and it's usually good fun, but I thought it might give the thread more legs if I opened it up a bit. I'm starting with baseball. Feel free to just list your picks and category, or to talk about why you made...
  10. Town Heretic

    Cub Reporters 2017

    A few years back I started a thread comparing reports of other posters to a horse race. It began after chrysostom asked me about reports some time before that. His inquiry had me looking over the sum of that stuff and realizing how often I'd done it and the consideration altered my habit. So I...
  11. Town Heretic

    Merry Christmas from Psalmist

    Because I always looked forward to this: [/COLOR][/INDENT] * Mrs Psalmist and I send you this for Christmas, may your cup of blessing be so full that you are drinking from the saucer, may the porch light ever be on so you can find your way home, may you and your family be a blessing...
  12. Town Heretic

    Trump's Election an Echo, Not Foreshadowing

    A view from the center. To borrow a bit and to my friends on the left, why shouldn't you worry? Because the Republican Party just fielded its most galvanizing candidate since Reagan. One singularly tailored to best bring the decade long doom and gloom, mistrust of government institutions and...
  13. Town Heretic

    In Memoriam

    This can be a thread for any loss among us and, I think, the friend I'm thinking of today would like that, would like the notion of starting something new and resonant among us, something meaningful and true in a place he gave so much to, even as he leaves us for a time. It begins, for me...
  14. Town Heretic

    Science News: all the news that's fit to wrap your head around, theoretically.

    Any scientific discovery or news item that seems worth pursuing can find its home here, from the serious to the less than and any combination way of: Giant Ninth Planet Discovered and Then Some In January of this year Caltech researchers noted they had discovered evidence of a...
  15. Town Heretic

    Trump Change

    You can't spend it, but it just might buy a presidency. And that has many a traditional, beltway politico running scared. In fact, there are so many traditional, insider republicans publicly aghast these days you'd think "The Donald" was rushing about from caucus to caucus in the altogether...
  16. Town Heretic

    An Old Reflection On the Kindness of Strangers and/or the Need For Noise Protection

    You never know. People can surprise you. The other day I was trenching near the road at the front of my property (because we'd had a good rain and the earth was easy). Noisy beast of a trencher....Anyway, this fellow drove by in a nice new truck and I accidentally threw some mud up on him. Well...
  17. Town Heretic

    On the Curious Case of the Anti-Social Social Club

    It seems like only yesterday a few valiant, anti-social stalwarts gathered together in a wreckless act of irony I dubbed the Anti-Social Social Club. As I put it then: "If you want in, we don't need you. If you're interested in joining, then you're not for us. This is strictly a table for one...
  18. Town Heretic

    Town Quixote's

  19. Town Heretic

    Famous Birthdays/Happenings On This Day

    Data Changed Daily A Few Notable Birthdays: Sam Houston, revolutionary and first president of the Republic of Texas. Ludovico Spontoni, composer Jon Bon Jovi, singer, actor Mikhail Gorbachev, Russian General Secretary John Irving, novelist Dr. Seuss, author Tom Wolfe, novelist Lou...