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  1. Lost Comet

    Providence and Gratitude

    (1304.7) 118:10.5 It is the importance of the function of the creature that occasions providential intervention, not the importance of the creature as a person. (1305.1) 118:10.6 Nevertheless, the Father as a person may at any time interpose a fatherly hand in the stream of cosmic events all in...
  2. Lost Comet

    My Dog, My Guru

    My dog loves people. She will stop in the middle of intense play to greet someone; no one is a stranger. I’ve met a half dozen people by routinely taking her on the same walk I’ve taken for years. Incredibly gentle, she will run up to children as fast as she can and drop on her side for a...
  3. Lost Comet

    Right Wing Fanatic

    Upon finding Ann Coulter's If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans humorously true, I thought I should change my "political spectrum" to "Right Wing Fanatic."