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  1. Jefferson

    Bring it On - Capitalism and Prosperity v. Socialism and Poverty

    42 states received more than they paid. See Many states have a higher percentage of federal employees, military bases, etc. That's why they receive more federal dollars. So why don't groups of leftists start their...
  2. Jefferson

    Hooray For Pedophilia!

    DEMONIC DEMS TAKE IT TOO FAR! Muslims, Christians and Jews UNITE To Demand Removal of Explicit Books From Dearborn, MI Public School Libraries [VIDEO]
  3. Jefferson

    Hooray For Pedophilia!

    BEYOND SICK! Drag Queen Dances While Little Girl Repeatedly Rubs Her Hand Up and Down the Crotch of “Little Mermaid” Costume While Another Drag Queen Spreads Legs Wide Open On Stage For Toddlers
  4. Jefferson

    Webb Telescope Above, HPT in the Trenches

    Webb Telescope Above, HPT in the Trenches Friday, September 23rd, 2022 SUMMARY: *JWST’s Lyin’ Eyes? Now the Webb Telescope is producing reactions like: “back to the drawing board” from Big Bang proponents and causing more than one atheistic cosmologist (bitterly clinging to an invisible...
  5. Jefferson

    The following is loosely based on Dan Barker's Easter Challenge:

    It's a chronological parallel to the gospels which is what I assume you were looking for.
  6. Jefferson

    Huge UFO news!

    Yeah, like the conspiracy loon nonsense that the secret Russian agent, Donald Trump, organized an insurrection from his "compound" in Florida for his followers to "storm" the Capitol (as they were waived in by the police) armed with assault phones.
  7. Jefferson

    Lifting thread

    There has to be a reason why this video on building muscle while losing weight has over 11 million views in 2 years.
  8. Jefferson

    Fiona Hill: "The president was trying to stage a coup"

    DEEP STATE CAUGHT: Luke Robinson, AKA #GingerGun, Was Only Protester Filmed with a Gun on Jan. 6, The FBI Later Removed Him from their Most Wanted List — New Photo Shows Him Wearing an Earpiece on J6
  9. Jefferson

    Lifting thread

    Same as losing weight. The first 5-10 pounds often falls off pretty easily. Then comes the grind. Primarily being consistent.
  10. Jefferson

    Genesis Creation Pt. 10

    ThThurs: Genesis Creation Pt. 10 Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 SUMMARY: Genesis-Creation: A rock cannot make itself and a fire cannot burn forever. Matter cannot come from non-matter and a perpetual motion machine cannot exist. Therefore, the universe could not have made itself from...
  11. Jefferson

    Huge UFO news!

    Reminds me of me being the person largely responsible for the y2k panic:
  12. Jefferson

    Bring it On - Capitalism and Prosperity v. Socialism and Poverty

    The Amish operate on a 100% socialist system. Groups of Leftists could do the same thing in every state. But they never do. Why not? Because they know the odds are slim to none there won't be at least one wealthy person in their little community for everyone else to sponge off of. Leftists...
  13. Jefferson

    Bring it On - Capitalism and Prosperity v. Socialism and Poverty

    Why do you want your own slaves?
  14. Jefferson

    Joel Greenburg Confession Letter: Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor

    BREAKING: Congressman Matt Gaetz CLEARED – Prosecutors Recommend Against Charging Top Trump Ally
  15. Jefferson

    Hooray For Pedophilia!

    Joe Biden to Woman at DNC Event: “You Gotta Say Hi To Me! We Go Back a Long Way.. She Was 12 and I Was 30, But Anyway” (VIDEO)
  16. Jefferson

    Josef Mengele Looks Innocent by Comparison: Phalloplasty

    Josef Mengele Looks Innocent by Comparison: Phalloplasty Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 SUMMARY: Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, we’re exposing the disturbing surgeries performed on vulnerable children. These twisted surgeries rival that of even Josef Mengele (who earned “the Angel of...