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  1. Mustard Seed

    Calling out da 'brumley.

    :sinapisN: You want a one on one concerning my faith? Because generally the place to address that isn't in a political thread about the expressed lies of a cunning demagaugic psuedo-democratic President of the Persian people. You want to get serious about addressing issues you have with my...
  2. Mustard Seed

    Inanity of character defaming signatures

    Inanity of character defaming signatures Is anyone else here in agreement with me on the utter lack of maturity or intellegence displayed by some so-so participants in this forum. The kind that say something to the effect of-- "<suchandsuch> is an imbecile" You would think that one who has to...
  3. Mustard Seed

    Interesting stuff

    Just something a friend e-mailed me. Thought it was interesting. Thoughts? Questions? Snide remarks? _