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    Is the World Jewish population fading into the past not to be remembered?

    The world Jewish population is fading, not just in real time but biblically too In 1939, the core Jewish population reached 17 million. In 2018, the core Jewish population reached 14.6 million. The above is a drop of 2.4 million Jews No...
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    History Of Israelite's & God From Old Testament To Today

    I stumbled across this link and was never the same since. Now I would like to know if it disturbs you as well
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    Saving Your Home During A forest Fire

    If your home is near a forest that could burn your home down; there is a solution----- Have a sprinkler system installed along your roof top. When a fire approaches your home, activate the sprinkler system which will cover your roof with water preventing it from catching on fire. Just a friendly...