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  1. fool

    The Mueller Report is in. No further indictments. Not looking so good for the Impeachment.
  2. fool

    Trump moves to ban bumb stocks and other things This is low hanging fruit since not even the NRA likes these things. They are a gimmick that only gives you an advantage if you're shooting fish in a...
  3. fool

    Trump can't "Obstruct Justice"

    The President IS Justice he can't obstruct it. When Obama told the Federal Gov to not go after Marijuana dispensaries in states that had legalized it was he "Obstructing Justice"? When Obama created the DACA program and didn't deport people who should have been deported did he "Obstruct...
  4. fool

    Iran having a revolution? So what happens? How do we help the Iranians revolute? If that's what they want. Should we?
  5. fool

    Roy Moore, OJ Simpson, And why I don't believe you.

    Sometimes when you frame a guilty man all people can see is the frame job. OJ Simpson might have done it and you might have convinced a jury of that based on the gloves and the shoe prints and left it alone. But they had to go spraying blood everywhere and then nobody believed anything they had...
  6. fool

    U.S. Immigration Policy

    What is it? What should it be? When asked in another thread what kind of immigration bill kmoney would sign he replies. We grant Permanent Residence status to about 1,000,000 people a year. And Permanent Residents can sponsor certain other relatives for Permanent Residency...
  7. fool

    Muslims attack Jews in London with Machetes and bats.
  8. fool

    U.S. Government, How does it work?

    So; Thoughts?
  9. fool

    There is no "Popular Vote" winner.

    I've seen people citing the "Popular Vote' results of this past election and I felt a need to point out that we don't know what that is because we didn't have one. The Electoral College Election is a different stimuli than a Popular Vote Election. Like offering teenagers Pizza and expecting...
  10. fool

    Mass shooting in Orlando, Florida USA 20 dead
  11. fool

    Obama is leading America into the toilet

    So; Just like the title says Obama is keeping the POT in POTUS and leading us into the bathroom to explain how he wants us to use it. That's right, if you're a school anywhere in the United States that receives federal funds you'll have you funds cut off unless you let any body use whatever...
  12. fool

    Ferguson Missouri a war zone, again..........
  13. fool

    10 people shot at party in Detroit
  14. fool

    You're a cop and you should shoot a fleeing suspect when he has your...........

    Don't answer until I've posted the poll Don't do it. Or I'll have to start a new poll about what to do to people who answer poll threads before the poll is posted and that will not be pretty. Edit; Poll is up, vote away, your votes are public, vote for as many as you want.
  15. fool

    Celebrity nude pics leaked So, a bunch of movie stars got their iclouds hacked and now their nekked pics are everywhere. Of course, cause that's where they keep them. I'm 43, there are no naked pictures of me anywhere. "Some things you...
  16. fool

    Riots in Ferguson MO. USA We got a situation. Thoughts on this? I'm sure THall and Christ's Word are too busy stuffing 300 BLK into their ARs on their way to defend the citizens of Ferguson to respond. Unless they're still holding the line at Bundy's ranch...
  17. fool

    One on One; Granite and fool on the Zimmerman Case

    Sweet! Here we are with our own thread to figure this all out. The Zimmerman case will go down in history as a study of how the media can spread misinformation like wildfire until the public is ready to lynch someone, but once you start to gather the facts you find out that half of what you...
  18. fool

    OMEGA Knocks it outa the park!

    OMEGA calls it; And it happens! Good show OMEGA.
  19. fool

    What's up Bob

    Have you worked your way thru the impasse too #5? You broke that conversation off, not me. Why invent this new apologetic if the first one was sound? What if something else you're standing on isn't sound?
  20. fool

    ATTN!!! Vote for fool in the Bob Enyart poll!!

    Bob has decided to include a fool vote in his poll about how sweet Knights ARTL logo is. A "no" vote means it's not the coolest logo. A "my name is fool and I don't count" is an option. I'd like you all to choose the "my name is fool and I don't count" vote. For no other reason than to see how...