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    purgatory Consider this pure conjecture. I think I am in purgatory which means I am already saved and I just need a little more time here to get purified. According to Daniel 12:10 NABRE, "Many shall be refined, purified, and tested". So I passed the test but am not considered a saint. BTW you...
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    feminists killed tol 

    feminists killed tol at tol they are more than equal they hate men and they will punish them men, it is now not clear who they are, will fight but are not victims especially the white ones they will move on and get ready for the next match with feminists it is different they are never...
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    15 years of chrysostom 

    15 years of chrysostom three threads with over 500k views - gather in His name (TOL's first) (deleted) - Grosnick Marowbe 3 (the second, first one was deleted but the greatest ever) - good morning breakfast clubbers top poster June 23, 2014 shut down rep system rep war 3 banned 3 to 5...
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    What do you know about ebooks? It must be the easiest and cheapest way to publish. I have been using a Kindle for some time now and I am impressed with the way Amazon keeps track of what I read and has often recommended other books on similar topics. It must be the best way to reach your...
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    my blog - the apocalypse

    click here for my blog - the apocalypse if you have an ear
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    "I want to be a mother first"

    just recently melania trump was interviewed about becoming first lady -and- she replied -with- "I want to be a mother first" - the feminists will be pulling out their hair -if- the media reports this -and- I don't think they will
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    the newton project

    the newton project - is putting all of newton's writings online -and- this includes his commentary on the apocalypse - I would like to share with you what I found to be very interesting
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    ECT Unconditional Election

    The acronym TUPLIP is often used to represent the five points of Calvinism and the U is unconditional election. Does election mean that you are saved? Does unconditional mean that your salvation has nothing to do with what you have done or will do? These two questions are directed Ask Mr...
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    chrysostom’s 2016 annual awards

    chrysostom’s 2016 annual awards the one time only special award for 2016 trump chump of the year 2016 I hate homosexuals more than you do award for 2016 I hate evolutionists more than you do award for 2016 intellectual idiot of the year 2016 the blob award for 2016 wacko of the year 2016...
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    obama speech before the dallas killing of five cops

    OBAMA: I want to begin by expressing my condolences for the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. As I said in the statement that I posted on Facebook, we have seen tragedies like this too many times. The Justice Department, I know, has opened a civil rights investigation in Baton...
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    black fathers matter

    over 70% of blacks are currently born to unwed mothers -it is increasing -most blacks are killed by other blacks -heal yourself -do you need a white person to tell you to get married first? -you are the problem -not the police
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    -so why are you insulting the idiots who support trump? -they like insults -why not take the high road? -I want to win -does the end justify the means? -only if the end is honorable and is not threatened by the means -is it effective? -probably not but I am as frustrated as they are...
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    I will not vote for trump

    I will not vote for trump -I will continue to vote for all other republicans -I will never vote for a democrat -the idiots have taken over the republican party -and -we will all suffer the consequences -we all have to do our best to protect ourselves -no one knows what the future will...
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    the church

    -18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter -19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven -peter got the keys -and -the power to bind and loose -that means he was in charge -someone must be in charge -that should be clear
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    what trump can do for you

    -what can trump do for you? -trump knows airlines -trump airlines
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    timeline of the apocalypse

    timeline of the apocalypse 30 john the baptist writes the first apocalypse 67 new jerusalem, rev 21:2, linus replaces peter in rome 68 first of seven heads, end of the first dynasty julio-claudian, rev 17:10 96 second of the seven heads, end of flavian dynasty 192 third of the seven heads, end...
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    I support Kim

    I support Kim chrysostom do you want your name on this list?
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    rep thread

    is this your new project? ubetcha arthur is going to copy this I know so you don't think it is a joke? no is this a joke? no so you like it? yes how will this work? you give rep to others because you want to you really like rep I love to give it and get it why? it is one of the...
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    the two beasts

    the two beasts where do you start? with daniel and his four beasts you have to look at daniel if you want to understand the apocalypse just search the bible for 'ten horns' and you get the fourth beast of daniel and the second beast of the apocalypse then search the bible for leopard and you...
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    the history of Islam

    the history of Islam Muslim Conquests Byzantine–Ottoman Wars 636 Battle of Yarmouk 637 Siege of Jerusalem 641 Siege of Alexandria 674 First Arab Siege of Constantinople 711 Umayyad conquest of Hispania 717 Second Arab Siege of Constantinople 732 Battle of Tours 1099 Siege of Jerusalem...