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    Trump the un-politician

    When asked, Trump admirers revel in the fact that Trump doesn't follow the typical political mold, he says and does what "the people" would say or do if they held the oval office. That's hear all sorts of Monday-morning-quarterback critiques about "what I'da would do if I...
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    Smoking and Healthcare

    While re-enrolling in my company's healthcare plan I once again come across their smoking clause (where your paycheck deduction doubles as a smoker.) Which stated: Do you smoke as described below...which was absent from the web sight. :idunno: Anyway, since I enjoy my pipe only two to three...
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    Divine Science

    Discovering this particular world-view, yet it parallels much of my spiritual philosophy: I've just touched upon this. In research.... Thoughts? Agree, disagree...why or why not?
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    Which do you hear?

    Yanny or Laurel?
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    Re: the anti-feminism thread, any male here gone MGTOW?
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    More Conservative Censorship or Trump Exposed!

    Warning! Foul language and nausea inducing visuals. Rev.3:17 :shocked:
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    Anyone here vape?

    Just started vaping, currently vaping Sunset Cavendish by Hurricane Vapors through a 75W Kanger and love both. Just wondering if anyone may have a good cigar/pipe e-juice to recommend.
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    Quite to the contrary: On closer examination your position demands it. A newly combined egg and sperm are being lobbied as falling under the umbrella of "right-to-life". By comparison you employed your son (among others) as obvious demonstration to such right and asserting that the sperm/egg...
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    Simple Logic Quiz

    E 4 7 K Which two boxes would you choose to test this rule: If a box shows a vowel on one side, then it has an even number on the other side. Which two?
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    Why didn't God create Jesus..... he did Adam? Re: Genesis 2:7