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  1. BrianJOrr

    Theology Club: Romans 9: Nations or Individuals?

    As stated in another thread, I wanted to make a new thread out of this. My original question (title could not hold it all) was posted to Musterion. It was: In Romans 9, is Paul speaking of a temporal, national election, or his he speaking of an eternal, personal election unto salvation? Here...
  2. BrianJOrr

    Theology Club: Other than glorification, what is the need for the Holy Spirit in the open view?

    I have not seen much work regarding the doctrine of the Spirit in open-view circles. In fact, I don't recall seeing any real treatment whatsoever. So, do we really need the Spirit, according to the open view? Is the role of the Spirit different in the open view than in the classical or...
  3. BrianJOrr

    Theology Club: John 6:64

    Has there been an open theist response on this forum to this verse? I see it as a complete contradiction to the openness perspective on foreknowledge. I have tried the search function but nothing has matched yet. John 6:64 - "'But there are some of you who do not believe.” (For Jesus knew from...
  4. BrianJOrr

    Theology Club: A Question for Open Theists

    If man has libertarian free will, making him accountable for his actions apart from God’s will, how do you understand/explain these texts where God is clearly the cause of the action, but the action is clearly ascribed to the human agents, attributing blame as well. Exodus 7:2-3; 11:9 – “But I...
  5. BrianJOrr

    Introduction: I am not an open theist

    Greetings, My name is Brian Orr, and I am not an open theist; I am of the Reformed persuasion. I am a PhD student, historical theology, and my thesis will focus on the influence of Adolf von Harnack in the development of open theism. I am here to seek feedback as needed from open theists to...