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    ECT Apostolic Succession

    That is correct. But we must be mindful of the spiritual aspect too, through the laying on of hands, the authority Christ gave to teach, baptise and forgive sins in his name, is passed down.
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    2022 Red Wave - Wash Away the Marxist Democrats and their Evil

    Republican Candidate Holds Lead In Traditionally Blue Oregon Governor’s Race: Poll A Republican gubernatorial candidate is making a lot of progress in a historically deep blue state in an election cycle that does not favor Democrats. It’s...
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    Why Democrats are now the Enemy of America

    I keep telling you, you are what you vote for. Democrats are now a full blown Marxist party. Man up and own it. Now, refute any point in the first post: QUOTE: In another thread this was posted: Lets add to that what was also posted in yet another thread: Democrats are the party of sodomy...
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    FBI: "There was no Insurrection on Jan. 6"

    Its frightening that people still support him
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    2022 Red Wave - Wash Away the Marxist Democrats and their Evil Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the frontrunner in the primary election for the state’s sole House seat, a new poll found just...
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    Florida Supreme Court Declines to Block Gov. DeSantis' Redistricting Map

    Related Stories: Lawsuit Against Gov. DeSantis Over Revoking Disney's Self-Governance Dismissed Former President Trump Says Potential Rift With Gov. DeSantis 'Totally Fake News'
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    Biden admin holding school lunch money 'hostage' to force transgender policies

    Hence my thread named Why Democrats are now the Enemy of America
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    Michael Flynn fights back

    Look at his decorations:
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    Biden's Fascist Bureau of Injustice

    Thank God that idea pooped out
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    Joe "The Rapist" Biden, 25th Amendment

    He is a disgrace
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    Farewell To Women's Sports

    Remember the War on Women?
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    Karine Jean-Pierre, Racism Personified in Blackface

    A black, racist, sexual pervert, sucking off the government teet. How Liberal
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    Democrat dummies fully intend to seize guns from American gun owners

    Notice how democrats avoid these threads?
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    Student Loan Political Suicide