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  1. Lon

    End of Roe Vs Wade?

    When Mississippi laws against abortion were struck down by the Supreme Court, the ACLJ asked for an audience and the Supreme Court agreed to hear it. They are optimistic that this could reverse Roe Vs. Wade.
  2. Lon

    Violent surge in homicides and other endangering crimes since Democrats in offic

    As expected, the wake of police officers leaving in droves has the democratic offices in the U.S. seeing an huge increase in violent crimes and is directly tied to the Democratic agenda. Oddly ignored: 9 out of 10 black homicides are committed by blacks and 70% of this new homicide hike is...
  3. Lon

    "Woke" Culture discriminates

    A 'new' culture "Woke" (taken from African American slang "get woke") that advocates for equality and rights for all, has no room for a Christian conservative. It appears she may win this suit because the coaches and school (OK state) failed to include and accommodate all students.
  4. Lon

    Abortion restriction against right to own body

    Seen this argument before. Rather than making it about a human life with a heartbeat, it becomes a self-centered call to 'my irresponsible rights!' The microphone was supposed to be turned off before she got that far. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed the abortion bill on Wednesday...
  5. Lon

    Cussing/swearing a sign of low IQ?

    As you'd imagine, the majority on the planet, even among Christians: cuss and swear. The long-standing position has been that cussing and swearing reveals a lack of vocabulary, lack of education, and "Poverty of Vocabulary." Recent research shows that it 'may in fact, be the opposite.' I...
  6. Lon

    Speak to one another with Spiritual songs

    Been thinking about this one for awhile. I've always known song and story reach when straight forward teaching needs more repeating. There have been threads about songs and threads about praise, but few about 'speaking to one another with spiritual songs.' If a song hits you, that speaks...
  7. Lon

    60%? 3,4,5th Tax, on already 2nd taxed, taxes?

    Federal can be between 20-40%. Not only is your paycheck taxed, your employer also pays your tax too (Payroll taxes). It amounts to income that could be paid to a raise, thus is well over 40-60% of your income, off the bat. Then there is house tax, sales tax, capital gains taxes, etc. I...
  8. Lon

    When "BLM" doesn't matter...

    Not 'black lives,' lives matter. In cases where there is prejudism, whatever color is downtrodden, matters. This isn't about that, but about incredibly misguided behavior and poor judgement and duped masses without critical thinking skills. What I believe is different is 'what' lives matter to...
  9. Lon

    Have I gone MAD???

    Am I Mid Acts? I've been told a couple of times now, that my stance on books being written to Jews distinguishing carefully 'not to me' makes me MAD. I've been told that appreciating anything a Mid Acts Dispensationalist has to say makes me a MAD sympathizer and likely MAD as well, and I've...
  10. Lon

    D- minus for "Gospel" of Thomas

    It reads just like a flunked test, the Gospel of Thomas is one person's recollection of all he learned from hearing the Gospel: 14. Jesus said to them, "If you fast, you will bring sin upon yourselves, and if you pray, you will be condemned, and if you give to charity, you will harm your...
  11. Lon

    Disconnect between theology and behavior?

    Martin Luther said to 'sin boldly' from the context of full forgiveness in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a comfort in being under the blood, knowing that the Father sees us, completely in Him. I used to have my Sunday School class draw a self portrait then take a red crayon and color it...
  12. Lon

    Happy Resurrection Day!

    He is Risen! John 11:25 Jesus said... “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies. 26And everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. Do you believe this?
  13. Lon

    Science doesn't lead to secularism Not only isn't religion not going away, it is thriving. More, any attempt by scientists to indoctrinate or supplant religious faith backfires and hurts the efforts of...
  14. Lon

    Liberals win: America to become Communist/Socialist

    Millennials and their children are more likely to vote for communists and socialists and prefer them over capitalism's 'evils.'
  15. Lon

    Law Vs. Grace

    Tough thread, btw, trying to follow: Death Penalty, Divorce, and Child-rearing. Seems to be a difference between 'letter of the law' vs. "spirit of it?" I'm not sure Christians need be too literal with O.T. instruction specifically because we are under grace and 'all things are permissible...
  16. Lon

    You can eat your dog and cat in the U.S?

    Odd topic (see below asterisk line for the politics discussion of it). No I'm not thinking of eating my dog or cat (I've friends in the military who have eaten both). I was in the Asian market today and saw cockroaches in the frozen section. Big ones! I asked my son, "Guess what I saw...
  17. Lon

    ECT Do not return evil, with evil, but overcome evil with good 1 Peter 3:9 Romans 12:17

    I may have failed. One member took his opportunity to make poor and false claims about me. It was an opportunity to 'return good for evil.' We have a few members on TOL who consistently ignore/overcome evil by "addressing the subject, not the person." I've been reading Romans in...
  18. Lon

    Questions for Arians

    Not looking to debate, just reasonable intelligent, well-thought-out answers. Here is the first: Unitarian/Arian "Christ is not God" question: Read these verses carefully. 1 John 5:12 John 14:18-19 Ephesians 3:17-19 Colossians 1:27 Revelation 3:20 How is it possible for a mere man or...
  19. Lon

    There is a God, and you have one

    You have a God 1) You did not make yourself, therefore, you have a God (Creator) 2) You have purpose, you did not get to randomly pick meaning and purpose, it is common to all men, therefore, you have a God (Purpose in the universe). 3) You do not love without first being loved, therefore God...
  20. Lon

    Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins

    I questioned the P.S.' condemnation of virtually all Christians and it was the wrong thread as well. So here is your thread, Zenn. Rather than trying to condemn all men to hell (not YOUR job, nor your place), explain what you believe instead of the inane posturing and lame prognostication and...