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  • Thanks. At least you know others are reading your threads and listening. Blessings in Him today -Lon
    "In terms of sheer Bible knowledge and entertainment value, saint john w the great is #1.
    Not to mention he was voted TOL's most humble for 8 years in a row."-the brilliant, insightful Mayor of TOL

    Thanks, squirt! "You got that right...Giddy Up!"-Kramer
    Hi, brother.
    I don't agree with him or anybody(for that matter) on everything, but my arguments never get much further than a general defense of the dispensational perspective.
    I learn from all of you and will defend most of your positions against the Covenantal, Preterist point of view.
    Lord bless!
    I heard that you are once again, like Barn, fixinta make your annual appearance as "Sante" Claus this year, at the local jail, Mayor. True?
    Never considered you an enemy !
    One of us is wrong concerning scripture. We can agree that we disagree agreeably.
    I reckon PJ is takin' off on me, Mayor! Now, if he would just take off on you, by lifting a bed, in the sunlight....
    She shore is a mite ornery, that CC, ain't she, brother? Wonder what causes that? Years of Romanism, I reckon!
    When I do that to cruciform, I just make up a post number and then look it up to see what it says :chuckle:
    Well, Mayor, I only need 2,222,222 more Bel Air coupons to buy me my first yacht!

    And Fred's motto was "It always pays to look your best!"-even if your suit has Marlboro ashes all over it! And old flame Roger Hanover was almost as dapper, and funny, as me, Mayor....
    "I watched the other night as Briscoe Darling declared for Aunt Bea. How can a plump elderly lady be so picky? Briscoe is a fine father, owns his own home, and has Whalenesque biceps...especially out in the sunlight. I'm stumped, saint john."-Mayor

    Yes, the future Uncle Jesse had biceps like me, especially when he was bed re-arranging, and was great at yelling, "Taters!!!," at dinner. Whom could resist that? He was miles ahead of those other bums, Aint Bea dated, such as the loafer Henry Wheeler!
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