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  • Originally posted by ffreeloader View Post
    Owners that create a good site often lose interest after a decade or so of seeing the same old arguments rehashed thousands of times. And when they lose interest the site goes downhill for they do not spend the time necessary to keep a site up to date and relevant with energetic leadership. Knight did that years ago. Now he doesn't. I've also seen situations where ownership changed and the new owner destroyed the site in a matter of a month or two. The site had a couple of hundred daily posters and within days of the ownership change he was already alienating the vast majority of his user base. Sometimes changing ownership is the worst possible thing to do. But if the current ownership is burnt out and no longer interested then that chance must be taken for a disinterested owner will kill a site just as surely as an owner who has no idea as to what he's doing.

    Tried and waited then got tired, that's about it