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The restrictions are a bit exaggerated

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  • The restrictions are a bit exaggerated

    I can understand not allowing new members to post links and having a signature to keep spammers at bay, but the restrictions I've been getting since I signed up are a bit exaggerated.

    First I couldn't log in with my initial password, then I used the "forgot password" feature to have an email sent to allow me to change the password, but instead of receiving an email with a link to allow me to change it (like other forum scripts usually send), I received an email with an auto-generated password. I copied and pasted it into the log in box, but it still wouldn't work. I replied to the email with the auto-generated password, informing the admin that the password doesn't work, but I didn't receive any reply. Then I figured out all by myself that I had to manually type the auto-generated password in order to log me in. For some reason, copying and pasting it doesn't do it.

    Then, after finally being able to log into my account, I noticed that I can't even do anything besides posting on the forums. I can't access my account, I can't upload an avatar picture, I can't edit my own posts to correct my spelling mistakes, I can't use the search feature...

    Surely, you can understand that all these restrictions might deter some impatient newcomers from sticking around...