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Another Fox commentator finally sickened by Trump racism

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    "Japanese internment camps were created by a Democrat president and they didn't disappear due to public censure. They disappeared due to the end of WW2. As usual it was the Democrats destroying liberty and the Constitution, but who wants to let a good chance to bash conservatives and Trump just because telling the truth isn't convenient?"

    The Japanese on the West Coast were thought to be a threat in World War II, because among the Japanese population there were a few who were loyal to Japan.

    The German population in the U.S. was too large to put in prison camps.

    But do not get lured into discussions about racism because the Political Left at this point in time is using Identity Politics to divide Americans and increase that division perhaps to the point of widespread violence.

    Identity Politics comes out of Frankfurt School Transformational Marxism. Marxism is fundamentally anti-Christian. Reading this particular forum on TOL sometimes makes you wonder if it is a Christian forum.

    "In the eyes of the dialectical philosophy, nothing is established for
    all time, nothing is absolute or sacred." (Karl Marx)

    Benjamin Bloom, who wrote the two volume book on the Taxonomy
    of Educational Goal Objectives, by which all teachers must be
    certified, said "“We recognize the point of view that
    truth and knowledge are only relative and that there are no hard and
    fast truths which exist for all time and places.” (Benjamin Bloom, et
    al., Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Book 1, Cognitive Domain)

    "Once the earthly family is discovered to be the secret of the
    heavenly family, the former must be destroyed (annihilated), in theory
    and in practice." Karl Marx, Feuerbach Thesis #4

    “The individual accepts the new system of values and beliefs by
    accepting belongingness to the group.” Kurt Lewin in Kenneth Benne
    Human Relations in Curriculum Change"

    While still in Germany the Frankfurt School Marxists made use of the theories of Freud in their form of Marxism, which set out to do away with the Culture of the West which hindered the establishment of a Marxist totalitarian culture and government.

    Then, after they moved to the U.S. they made use of American Personality and Social Psychology.

    And so Transformational Marxism became psychologized.

    The ideas of Social Psychologists, Personality Theorists and Clinical Psychologists like Kurt Lewin, Abraham H. Maslow, and Carl R. Rogers, from more mainstream psychology, contributed to the work of changing the culture. And, in addition, the Frankfurt School had its own psychologists and psychiatrists, who were influenced by psychoanalysis, such as Eric Fromm, and Wilhelm Reich.

    Georg Lukács, 1885-1971, was one of the original Founders of the Frankfurt School of Transformational Marxism. He understood that Protestant Christianity, in its spiritual transformation of the individual, and the Culture that Protestant Christianity created, prevented Marxism from taking over Western Europe and the United States. So Marxism must get rid of that Protestant Christianity and that Culture it created.

    Though Lukács himself did not develop a specific method for the abolition of that Culture which grew out of the Northern Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation, Theodore Wiesengrund Adorno, 1903-1969, with other Frankfurters in the U.S. did lay the foundation for the Identity Politics now being used by Marxists to combat that Western dominant culture from the Renaissance-Reformation which Lukács had identified.

    The Northern Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation were important for the development of that Culture which Lukacs understood to be a major hinder to the takeover of Western Europe and the U.S. by Marxism because that Northern Renaissance created the scholarship which enabled the Reformation to began in Northern Europe. For example, Desiderius Erasmus, 1466-1536, was from Holland. Erasmus created the Textus Receptus, which made the original Greek of the New Testament again available to translate into the common languages of Europe, including English in about 1526 by William Tyndale. Before Erasmuc created the Textus Rceptus, the Bible was only available to most people in the form of the Latin Vulgate of Jerome.

    "Fortunately, Horkheimer and Adorno’s approach began to change in 1939-1940, when they began to develop a vast research project on anti-Semitism, ultimately sponsored by the American Jewish Committee."

    "Adorno and Horkheimer organized, as mentioned above, a vast research project on anti-Semitism, which resulted in several books published as a series, “Studies in Prejudice.” The best known is The Authoritarian Personality (1948), written, in part, by Adorno, which showed that anti-Semitism is intimately associated with certain character structures, such as blind submission to authority, violent aggressive attitude toward the “other,” and rigid stereotypical thinking. Leo Löwenthal and Norbert Guterman wrote the second book of the series, Prophets of Deceit (1949), dealing with American anti-Semitic agitators such as Father Coughlin, Gerald L. K. Smith, and a few others. Curiously enough, there is hardly a mention, in this context, of the most influential—by far!—American anti-Semite, namely Henry Ford, author of The International Jew (1921), who not only had a big impact in the United States, but whose book became a favorite of a German fascist named Adolf Schickelgruber. "

    Note that the "theory" which Adorno and Horkheimer created around their interest in anti-semiticism looks a lot like a theory within American Personality and Social Psychology. In fact, in the fifties, this theory was accepted by many people then working in American Personality and Social Psychology. At that time one of the most referenced topics in the Social and Personality Psychology peer review journals was the F Scale, which Adorno and his associates used in their paper and pencil questionnaire study of anti-semiticism and the Authoritarian Personality.


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      Originally posted by northwye View Post
      Reading this particular forum on TOL sometimes makes you wonder if it is a Christian forum.
      We allow all sorts.
      Where is the evidence for a global flood?
      "the best maths don't need no stinkin' numbers"

      "The waters under the 'expanse' were under the crust."
      -Bob B.


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        Marxim is the greatest of the Protestant heresies. Without Calvin, there would be no Masxism.

        Calvin was not a heretic, as deeply in error as he was, but Marx carried the idea of determinism to its ultimate heretical conclusion, the rejection of God Himself.

        Karl Marx as Religious Eschatologist
        Communism was the great goal, the vision, the desideratum, the ultimate end that would make the sufferings of mankind throughout history worthwhile. History was the history of suffering, of class struggle, of the exploitation of man by man. In the same way as the return of the Messiah, in Christian theology, will put an end to history and establish a new heaven and a new earth, so the establishment of communism would put an end to human history.

        And just as for postmillennial Christians, man, led by God's prophets and saints, will establish a Kingdom of God on Earth (for premillennials, Jesus will have many human assistants in setting up such a kingdom), so, for Marx and other schools of communists, mankind, led by a vanguard of secular saints, will establish a secularized Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

        In messianic religious movements, the millennium is invariably established by a mighty, violent upheaval, an Armageddon, a great apocalyptic war between good and evil. After this titanic conflict, a millennium, a new age of peace and harmony, of the reign of justice, will be installed upon the earth.

        Marx emphatically rejected those utopian socialists who sought to arrive at communism through a gradual and evolutionary process, through a steady advancement of the good. Instead, Marx harked back to the apocalyptics, the postmillennial coercive German and Dutch Anabaptists of the 16th century, to the millennial sects during the English Civil War, and to the various groups of premillennial Christians who foresaw a bloody Armageddon at the Last Days, before the millennium could be established.

        This is why Lenin and Stalin went after liberalism and biological evolution with such a fury.
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          Originally posted by The Barbarian View Post
          Marxim is the greatest of the Protestant heresies.
          Darwinism is the biggest lie Catholicism has bought into.
          Where is the evidence for a global flood?
          "the best maths don't need no stinkin' numbers"

          "The waters under the 'expanse' were under the crust."
          -Bob B.


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            'It feels like 1930 Berlin': Holocaust survivor says Trump's America reminds him of the years leading up to Nazi domination in Germany

            Germania Rodriguez For
            A Holocaust survivor says the rise of president Donald Trump is reminiscent of the years that led to the Nazi takeover of Germany.

            Stephen Jacobs, 79, told Newsweek there's a 'real problem growing' in the U.S, where he has lived since shortly after being freed from the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945.

            The renowned architect said the current climate in the U.S. feels like '1929 or 1930 Berlin', when economic, political and social resentments were brewing, eventually leading to the brutal, right-wing rule of Adolf Hitler, who got to power by promising Germans to bring their country back to its its pre-World-War-I glory.

            Jacobs said he's noticed a shift in public discourse, and worries about the fact that people now feel free to say things that 'couldn't be said five years ago.'

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              Originally posted by The Barbarian View Post

              The renowned architect said the current climate in the U.S. feels like '1929 or 1930 Berlin', when...

              ...when he was minus ten years old?