In case you wonder why I don't respond to anything you say it is probably because you have said things in the past that were heretical, vile, derogatory or simply rude. This might have been to me or to others. I then realised that there would be nothing that you have to say that I would want to hear. And that there would be nothing that I can say that you would be able to hear. Hence my ignore list:

alwight Angel4Truth Arthur Brain CatholicCrusader chrysostom Crucible Cruciform csuguy dialm elohiym gcthomas genuineoriginal glorydaz God's Truth Gurucam Hedshaker heir Huckleberry IMJerusha jamie jerzy JosephR journey kayaker Lon meshak musterion Nameless.In.Grace Nang Nick M oatmeal ok doser resurrected Simon Baker Stuu Tambora The Berean theophilus Totton Linnet Town Heretic Tyrathca, zoo, JudgeRightly

I don't post this with any sense of glee, it is simply informative.