Prior to my conversion, when I woke in the morning, I can never remember lying in bed planning my sins for the day. I didn't need to do that, because every thought word and deed was sin*. I was sold under sin* and the prince of the power of the air was working in me as he works in all the children of disobedience.*

After my conversion I cannot remember once lying in bed, when I woke in the morning, planning works of justness (righteousness) I don’t need to because I am accepted in the beloved* and anything I do wrong* or don’t do* is not imputed or reckoned to me,* because Messiah took upon Himself my rebellions* and iniquities* and imputed the justness (righteousness) of Elohim to me.*

In the darkness of Calvary the act of reconciliation and imputation took place*. Just as Yisra El crossed the Jordan River before the Ark of the Covenenat.* So all that have names in the Lambs Book of Life* passed before the Ark of the New Covenant. Yet unborn every person passed before Him.

There are men alive today who can say this:

‘’Wherever I am*, whatever I’m doing*. I am in the center of the Eternal Will for my life’’.*

I’ve only ever heard one person say that, but I’m sure there are many. The only reason someone can make such a claim is that he understands, by the grace given him, and the trust provided him, the work of salvation. He understands the meaning, implications and the applications of the work of salvation and how they apply to him personally. That man is blessed indeed and has liberty in abundance.

Where there is a * there is a scripture that confirms what I’ve said. The onus of responsibility for finding it is on the reader. If you spot any omissions in my listing* I would love to know.