In translation if there are names to be translated then there must be equivalent names in the target language. This can often be done. But when it comes to the names and titles of Deity this is impossible. The revelation of the Names and titles true Deity was given to the Hebrews and given in their language.
The Eternal Father first revealed His Name to Mosheh (Moses) as HYH (I AM)
The Son also revealed Himself as I AM.
The scribes revealed His Name as YHVH and with vowel points that is Yah Veh.

The translators remove the name Yah Veh and replaced it with Lord. Yah Veh is a name of Deity revealed by The Eternal Father, man (who is under the power of Satan) removes the name and gives an English title Lord in its place.

Yah Veh transliterated name St 3068, 3039 yehovah Eternal Existant One.

When I was converted I obviously used the term Lord, but soon after the name Yah Veh was revealed to me. I tried asking and telling people about this, but they just wouldn’t accept it. I left school at thirteen years of age having never sat an exam. With no qualifications and no real ability to study these things. But as time rolled on I needed to use a computer for some work I’d been given. So I went on a course and here I am. I’d been carrying the blessing of the name for some time and I remember vividly the day I went into my local library feeling like Elijah, the last one, went to Google and typed Yah Veh. I press enter and I couldn’t trust my eyes. Thousands upon thousands of references to Yah Veh. There were people all over the world who had received the same revelation. My eyes were like ponds.

John 17:26

When I read any translation the word Lord always, in my mind, appears as Yah Veh and the picture in my minds eye is that of Eternal Existence.