So this week seems to be 'Trinity' week......

I understand that it took sometime (hundreds of years) before the 'Trinity of the father son and holy ghost' CONCEPT entered the bible. It is also tied to the 'Lord Jesus' and is applied to mean Jesus is the 'Lord in Gods house'.

However the 'naturalist' view of the 'Trinity' as stated would be 'Mum and Dad' + God + 'children'. Therefore we are obedience to our parents and our spirit until we become parents then we are obedient to our children's needs AS WELL.

Notice our spirit is always present in our obedience and that is free will. Our parents cannot judge our suitability to be called adult so a society must be present to do the JUDGING, not just specifying an age limit to childhood.

Another view (mine) - emotional brain, logical mind, spirit but this is a different 'Trinity' and is more generally applicable to human beings.

I really do not like the convoluted way that elevates a man (even Jesus) to 'Godhood', 'sainthood' most definitely for Jesus's life is an inspiration. I just don't think he was anything more than a man in tune with God. Hence my view of trinity applies to all human beings from all time forward into the future anywhere in the universe. This does not mean that we will not find other beings who believe in the one God in some unknown future.

News: Started my own only company here in the uk! Woohoo - and now the work REALLY begins lol

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All the best, Sax

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