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Time once again for a TOL....

Smilie story contest

Submit a story using as many smilies in place of words as you can. You can enter an already existing story or make up one of your own.

Winner gets a level upgrade not to exceed the gold level. If you're already a gold member, you can give a gift to a member of your choosing and upgrade their level.

An short example of a smilie story might be....

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful . She was very smart and loving because she would people upside the head with truth. But this made some people . They would address the and try to with her over how mean she was. But the told them that the mean thing to do would be to keep over how wicked they were. Being nice would simply make them think there was nothing wrong with what they were doing which could eventually lead to their . They continued their not having a leg to stand on when they would with her. She eventually got fed up with them. Their nonsense would make her . She knew it was time to shake the dust from her shoes and leave them be to their . This made them even more . So the towns people secretly against her to her. Her true friends heard of their plot and her. She was a member of the NRA and a firm believer in her right to bear . She slept with her AK 47 close to her side and when the evil towns people snuck in to her, she :crash: the evil conspirators. She blasted their sorry selves until they were . Then peace was once again restored and they all lived happily ever after.

The end
Set the bar kinda high there, dincha.