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Just because some one is loving does not make them more feminine. Just because there are some women who are stronger does not make them part male.
We recognize masculine and feminine qualities in all souls, regardless of their physical form, although a body may be 'male' or 'female', there is variance of gender-identification and disposition in some, which accounts for same-sex attractions, bi-sexuality and transgenderism. (this is another subject in itself) - dont forget,.....all 'gender' originates in 'God'.

God calls Himself 'Father' and He came as a Son.
'God' is 'Father' of course only in the sense that he fathers all creation, fathers all souls, is the Father of all spirits, and so on. He is not limited to being a 'Father', since He is infinite, and transcends all space-time relations and dimensions. In fact, he is only a father in the space-time creation context! Before this, 'ehyeh asher ehyeh' just IS. Deity is that primal absolute reality that is the 'Be-ing' from which all 'Be-coming' derives, the origin of all creation. Before any relations or creation, Deity was not a 'father' or 'mother' - only in the expansion of creation of creating offspring, does 'God' become 'father', 'mother', 'son', etc.

His angles are called 'Sons'.
A matter of convention, to call 'God' or angels 'sons', since the masculine nuance is generally assumed first, unless a specifically feminine gender is indicated in a word. As we've noted earlier, 'God' expresses both 'male' and 'female' gender traits, and angels TOO may express such, being pure spirits,...they may embody or express different gender qualities or characteristics, unless you know of an absolute rule or law that such is impossible.

The first human He made was in His likeness and was made a male.

The female was made for the human male.

As a woman I'd think you'd appreciate and respect your own gender a bit better, but religious programming can distort things. Remember, God is above and beyond all definition, denomination, even gender,...but is their SOURCE. The male is conventionally first is the creative order, as the head with the female as the helpmate. The male is not better or higher than the female, and is only perfected or made complete thru union with the female! - this is why the female or feminine aspect of the soul is not only intrinsic to the soul of God/Man,....but essential as the wedding of the masculine and the feminine is the divine marriage that is the kingdom of God fully realized. The wife, bride and mother are extremely valued and cherished by the masculine aspect of Man/God...and there can be no creation or regeneration apart from HER. This is a relative truth, shared for its own sake. One can recognize and respect this, or reject it. I choose however to respect this

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