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God's oneness of Being is his constitition....and the natural consequent of his Being (prior to multiplication, differentiation, creative expression). 'God' is the Infinite ONE, the ALL, the Original, the HEART of all. - from this original infinity, this 'echad',....all multiples and numbers exponentially extend.

A Trinity is a conceptual model of the original Godhead in its co-creative economical function and government. Nothing wrong with it as a conceptual model, and you can personify or personalize different aspects of God's Being if you like. 'God' is the Source, essence, creative intelligence and universal CONTEXT of all life and consciousness. (it is beyond number yet includes all numbers).

All multiples, all numbers fall back into their ROOT-source, the essential NO-Thing. From that nothingness, is a formless ONE, then enters into form, a numerical identity of sorts, or value, from which all other qualities and quantifications derive and extend into exisxtence, encompassing an infinitude of qualities and quantities.

The SHEMA ever holds as a truth revealed within Judaism, no matter what religious tradition or spiritual path you embrace or explore, since all derives and inter-relates within The ONE.

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