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Per repeated request in am starting this thread. It will no doubt cause many to turn their backs on me, but that does not matter to me. I have been alone my whole life pretty much, yet never really was.

I believe that all core sacred monotheistic texts are profitable for scripture unless they outright plainly deny the Christ. This even goes for a few writings that are generally seen as polytheistic yet in actuality show themselves to ultimately glorify One merciful Creator of all existence.

These writings include but are not limited to the Bible, Quran, book of Enoch, the Torah, the Zend Avesta, writings ascribed to the Baha'i faith, the Gita, upinishads and other writings.
Excelllent observations, since Truth itself is universal, although expressed in different words, symbols, texts and forms.

The One Infinite Spirit itself is the Heart of the cosmos, all space and time, all worlds, all dimensions...and naturally so. All true ancient schools of wisdom have recognized the perennial philosophy, which expound and study the universal laws and principles. Anyone with a minor knowledge or study of comparitive religions, metaphysics and philosophy would be aquainted to know this much,...for starters.

Essence is one, forms are many.

One Ocean, many rivers.


Having read thru the thread,...we would expect the typical answers, juxtapositions and bunny trails,....but hey,...its TOL

As perhaps one of the most eclectic here, and universal...I try to have fun with the kids, but harsh when needed, but the critique is upon the thought, concept, belief, logic, rationale or principle,...that is what we are discussing, not persons or personalities, although some debates can turn into personal excursions, which we would hope to avoid by treating the subject alone.

Beyond treating topics with 'creative commentary',.... beliefs, opinions and points of view may be contested, tried, challenged or even raked over the coals,...as points of view are subject to CHANGE, with the arrival of more inforomation or revelation. A genuine student of truth is always OPEN to research his opinions and LEARN, continually question, research his assumptions. A great teacher once admonished one to continually be asking, seeking and knocking. I gather most of you know of this teacher. But God has used and continues to use many different teachers....since the Great Spirit uses many vessels thru which to work.

You cannot put the INFINITE in a 'box', worship your 'box' and then pretend or assume your 'box' is all there is. 'Box' here refers to prefigured concepts, ideas, opinions, beliefs, traditions, dogmas, creeds, etc. Sometimes you have to trade your 'cardboard' for the true gold of Spirit, and leave it at that, since the Spirit Alone is LIFE.

Let the fun begin.
Unfortunately, the 'fun' might put a 'damper' on many personal parades here, but sometimes a good rain is nice to cool, moisten and break up the fallowed ground

Those following my more serious commentaries (see my previous posts) can see I also enjoy some humor, at various expenses, while also trying to be as civil as possible. This boldness has gotten me removed/blocked from some discussion threads, with no warning or explanation. But I go forward.

'God' the Universal Spirit is a FOUNT that is not limited to only one human tribe, race, community or religious cult. It just so happens that all streams of truth originate from one Ocean of Spirit and the 'Christ' is that inner spark, spirit, essence, light, logic of the Creator, that is awakened inside the cradle of the soul, illuminating man into his divine sonship, whereby he recognizes God as his Father-Mother, and then being "in Christ" sees there is no division between genders, race or culture....but all are one in God. Use whatever terms or symbols you like, a study of universal principles and esoteric science points to one universal truth, one underlying fundamental knowledge sourced in the unity of Spirit.

While the Bible is a valuabe, useful, inspired text (having religious, historical and mythical elements), there are also some parts that are not necessarily useful or practical to men living in this day and age, due to cultural changes, imperfections and rational application. This may be said with any of the other great traditional religious texts of our world religions as well. Each religious text is limited to a degree by its own dispensation being conditioned by various factors relative to its inception and development, further adapted or modified in time (via translation and interpretation). - this just happens to be the natural 'process'.

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