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Those like [MENTION=1746]freelight[/MENTION] who don't believe the Gospel that the Lord Jesus is risen. Those who don't believe that it was an historical event, a nonfiction physical fact, that His corpse was buried in a tomb (about 50 yards away from His cross), and then two days later He wasn't dead anymore and He came out of the tomb. Romans 10:9 KJV is my scripture.
Claiming to know if anyone is "saved" or not is a tall order and bordering near presumptuous, also granting that various interpretations, qualifications and definitions for 'terms' exist, even within Christendom, so this is an area I would tread carefully upon no matter how 'orthodox' one assumes their doctrine is, much is still open to personal belief, opinion and assumptions.

You're also making your assessment above on a few dialogues we've had in the main Religion forum on 'resurrection', where I exposit on a more metaphysical figurative 'resurrection', a spiritual one more particularly for this is what Paul teaches in some verses anyways, for one resurrected arises in a spiritual body. - 1 Corinthians 15

The resurrection of Jesus was spiritual, in a spirit body although he could appear more physical to make appearances to his disciples and do things that a resurrected physical body could not do outside of supernatural powers. Therefore a physical resurrection is not necessary from various perspectives, while a spiritual one is essential, and what indeed happens upon the death of the physical body....the spirit rises. (We would further add that 'resurrection' includes the rising to new life in the Spirirt, a rebirth thru divine love, a putting on of immortality, merging as one with the Lord. - this is essentially a spiritual activity, not a carnal one.)

Re: Romans 10:9 - Paul's mention of being 'saved' is one of his own definition further based on his own 'spin' or 'translation' of Deuteronomy 30:12, where YHWH is actually telling his people they have full capacity and ability to obey his laws, since it is in their mouth and their hearts. Paul challenges that and reverses the divine profession to support his own teaching, in other words "never mind what Moses told you to do, just believe my gospel".

Other OT verses Paul uses are basic to a universal faith in God, as in trusting in Deity and calling upon the name of God, truly any theist or spiritualist accepts these principles.

Therefore without knowing me personally, the full extent of my spiritual journey and religious experience thus far for almost 5 decades, neither having read my entire library so far of religious/philosophical commentary, you could not really know if I was 'saved' or not beyond some particular exclusive qualification, bias, dogma or belief based upon predefined terms and conclusions.

Since God is love and looks at the heart, God knows every heart and soul and knows the extent or quality of their salvation, and surely knows those who call upon him, regardless of their race, color, creed, religion or culture. As one continues his search for truth, goodness and beauty, inspired by love and wisdom, God certainly leads and guides his path since He is their source.