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First to all following, I recommend reading my former posts here on 'God' and 'gender' in their metaphysical, relational and esoteric significance. This is vital in going on further in our research into the Holy Spirit as 'feminine'. God's character and nature has both 'masculine' and 'feminine' qualities and attributes, - these are expressed thru 'personality', as 'God' is also the SOURCE of all 'personality' and all 'personalities' - now a few points towards the dialogue below -

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Everything has a gender in Hebrew. "Wind" or "Spirit" RUACH is female. I have never said otherwise. but this does not mean that RUACH is a person. Inanimate objects have gender. Tables, rocks- everything.

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Again with the awful accusation that the Third Person of the Trinity is no more than an inanimate object! What you you think She or God thinks about that? Arrogant and ignorant come to mind.
Chair makes a solid observation that while 'wind' and 'spirit in the hebrew is rendered as 'female' in gender, this does not necessarily make wind or spirit a female personality or 'person'. This would be accepted by most all orthodox Jews, since they do not assume or propose in their theology, the Spirit of God being a person, much less a person within a Trinity. I gather liberal progressive Jews of a more mystical inclination would honor Wisdom or the Shekinah as a feminine quality, spiritual presence or expression of 'God', since 'God' is both 'Father' and 'Mother' in all realms of relational reality, where procreation exists and the duality of both genders synergized.... engage one another. In fact as I expounded on earlier,...this is a universal truth revealed in the regeneration of life (Nature).

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It is WOTW's insistence in holding to a presumed belief that that Holy Spirit MUST be a 'person' within a divine Trinity that is at issue here, but a purely monotheistic unitarian view does not presume or necessitate such a view, as the Spirit of God does not need to be a 'person' per se....but will naturally embody, express and reveal the 'personality' or 'character' of 'God' in its activity, since that very Spirit is God's own. So, one can view the Holy Spirit as being feminine, without necessarily making that spirit into a person. It just so happens that since 'God' is both a 'Father' and 'Mother' within creation....Deity has within it, the essence and and total potentiality of all 'masculine' and 'feminine' qualities, however those might be expressed thru 'personality' and beyond. Remember....YHWH is INFINITE. - He/She/IT contains all genders, as source and potentializer, but is also beyond all differentiation, duality, division as well.....as Pure Spirit.

I happen to honor 'God' as both 'Father' and 'Mother' EQUALLY....and this is of utmost importance, as essential, relationally speaking, as to honor both 'Creator' and 'Creation'. It could not be otherwise, since 'God' and 'Man' are revealed in mirror image as BOTH genders, equally in synergy. The two are one.


I highly recommend Simona Rich's study of the Holy Spirit here and here. (these are offered as research and educational resources for our study of the subject fostering further discussion)

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