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Is the Holy Spirit the Mother of Jesus and as the Bride of Christ are we the perfect family? As it says in Luke the Holy Spirit and God the Father over shadowed Mary together when Jesus was conceived.

And when God said 'let US make man in OUR IMAGE' whose image was Eve made from?
First we must understand that 'God' as pure 'Spirit' includes all gender, and also transcends gender, as The INFINITE by definition cannot be defined, limited, circumscribed or qualified according to our finite terms or concepts, ...but since Man is created/made in the 'image' and 'likeness' of 'God',...and 'Man' is comprised of both 'male' and 'female' forms and 'genders',...then 'God' MUST be the original SOURCE of both genders, so that referring to 'God' as our 'Father-Mother-God' is logical and appropriate, seeing that Spirit is the source of both genders.

I've expounded further on 'God and gender' in my commentaries here - see my comment below this blog post, as it points also to specific posts that I was banned for, in my objective, rational and logical expositing of the 'divine feminine', which I will still stand for in recognizing, because such observations are true to nature, and therefore must be true for 'Man' as well, since 'God' is the source of both.

I think it essential in first knowing and loving 'God' in the totality of his NATURE, the identity and character of his BEING, which intrinsically includes the nature, qualities and atrributes of BOTH 'male' and 'female' genders. That anyone would see this as blasphemous can only be based on false presumption and ignorance, since 'gender' is real as any other quality or attribute of the soul's nature, reflecting its very source who can be none other than 'God'. - God as our divine Parent is both our 'Father' and 'Mother'. To recognize less than this, or to ONLY emphasize or denominate 'God' as ONLY 'father' is illogical and erroneous, ALTHOUGH we by tradition in the conventional sense in the judeo-christian tradition, call 'God' FATHER. Of course we do, as Jesus taught us so. However, just because we do love and RELATE to 'God' as Father, does not negate or diminish the reality of 'God' as 'Mother'.

In this context then,...the 'Spirit' in hebrew feminine terms, denoting a 'quality' or 'nuance' of 'God' in a more feminine tone,... does not necessarily imply or prove the 'Spirit' is a kind of female personality, although we can personalize 'God' in this manner if we like,...there is still always and eternally One 'God', being 'echad'. - but 'God' is divine Parent, as 'Father-Mother', as Man represents 'God', therefore EQUAL recognition, respect and honor must be given to the 'feminine' as it is given to the masculine, since they are both in synergy within 'God' expressing his NATURE. - and this is true, as I so relate these impressions, regardless of anyone's ignorance or disrespect for 'God' or religious belief to the contrary.

Since our judeo-christian tradition in its esoteric schools is rich with at least some intuitive sense of the divine Mother, in the forms of Sophia (wisdom) and the Shekinah (abiding glory, indwelling presence), AND we are called to honor/respect our parents which INCLUDES both father and mother, it is perplexing that anyone deny God's nature, qualities and atrributes as a 'mothering-presence' or the divine feminine, since we are nutured by our own earthly mothers and women are just as much 'HU-MAN' and make up 'MAN' as any physical man does, since 'Man' does NOT exist without being BOTH 'male' and 'female' simultaneously. These are really basic universal metaphysical truths. Man is their living proof, which reveal 'God'.

In summary, in this dissertation I agree as I ever have with 'God' including both genders in his nature, and man being the expression and representation of 'God', naturally being the two as synergestically one. Failing to include and honor both equally is to fail and sin in one's appraisal of reality, in this context. God as Spirit is relating and communicating to us as both 'Father' and 'Mother',...there is One SPIRIT, yet different expressions, ministrations and personifications of the One Spirit. It just so happens that when we consider the Holy Spirit, expressing thru 'Sophia' and the 'Shekinah' in a motherly sense, expressing the feminine aspects of the Over-Soul of all creation, we naturally honor and respect the ONE who mothers us as well. (to disrespect or marginalize mother would be a crime). The One that gives life to all, who PARENTS all living beings...does so affectionately thru the personal forms, qualities and attributes of both genders.

One does not need to be dogmatic over assigning any given personality within a Godhead or God himself as being 'male' or 'female', but to recognize that God is the source of both, reveals himself thru BOTH aspects and personifications, while also trascending such, because Deity is INFINITE. Loving and worshipping 'God' must certain include the totality of this realization, and go well beyond it. It includes all terms, and is beyond terms.

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