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Greetings all,

See lastest posts for recent musings, discussion and debate on various topics. While continuing the debate and research on the 'historical Jesus' and 'mythicist' views of the Christ-story, I am currently reading Raphael Lataster's book 'Jesus did not exist - a debate among atheists', with a foreward by Dr. Richard Carrier, which presents a so far excellent challenge if not glarring rebuttal to Bart Ehrman's latest book trying to prove the historicity of Jesus. Titillating to say the least

Here is a wonderful interview with both of these men by the Mythicist Milwaukee chapter discussing Lataster's book and its subject -

Since I've grown up in the Christ-tradition within its various schools but also being a spiritualist-gnostic-theosophist at heart, a mythicist view of Jesus is not alarming, illogical or antithetical to 'faith' in 'God' or some concept of 'Deity' being the supreme Creative Intelligence and omnipresent Spirit that pervades the cosmos, and is the very source of all life and consciousness, since all language, images, forms and personalities are known and interpreted 'subjectively' anyways, since all is but a play of consciousness and inter-relating meanings and values. This all-pervading Consciousness is all that exist as far as we know, and we can only perceive, know and translate whatever streams of data are currently arising in our individual awareness.

I'll be giving a forthcoming book review (report) when I'm finished with this book, honestly examining the case presented, so stay tuned. I have no interest but in honestly considering the case presented, evidence or lack thereof of Jesus, both within the NT and outside of the NT canon, weighing what historical facts validate anything of the Jesus personality presented in the gospels.

As a student of reality, and of religious studies and philosophy, this is most wonderful. It opens many doors to review alternative views, probable theories and new possibilities that have hitherto been unconsidered, inspiring continual re-search.

Amazon book info. and reviews here.