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Christian Ministers to Use 'Magic Mushrooms' for 'Religious Experience' for Johns Hopkins Study

In other words, his wild fantasy is leading people away from God and to a counterfeit.

Would you ever allow yourself to be part of any experiment like this?
I see a positive and informative direction in this study, which is sincere in its intentions, as it surely does have VALUE in discovering how these substances affect consciousness and more particularly 'religious experience'. It is quite significant as well, as comparing the various religious adherents as it appears the experience expands their consciousness to a higher more universal awareness, where the oneness of life is recognized which inspires a deeper appreciation of the various religious traditions, which are all actually different expressions of One Universal Reality anyways.

Therefore I find the choice of using the words 'wild fantasy' and 'counterfeit' above as being unnecessarily biased and presumptuous. In the evaluation of true human progress and understanding the nature of 'mind', science and spirit must join to synthesize and appertain a true holistic vision of human experience, along which lines can enhance, foster and empower a greater appreciation and co-operation of efforts towards universal peace, progress and brotherhood, which is what our planet needs more than ever. In this interest therefore, I approve of such experiments, done with good intent, ethically performed (responsibly), then the results being used for our own enlightenment gathered from the discovery of altered or enhanced states of consciousness.

Ultimately however,...spirituality or religious experience is something innate and natural to one's existence, assuming that there is something of 'God', some divine spirit, essence or fragment of Deity that indwells every human soul that each individual can access for themselves, as 'authentic religious experience'. Other methods such as prayer, meditation, mantras, going into the silence, breathing exercises, etc....can prepare individuals to enter into Universal Consciousness without the use of herbs or drugs, but the study of these may inform us better on how we can naturally enter into a larger sphere of transcendental awareness for the higher good of all concerned.


This is my first post in this thread on 'magic mushrooms' found here. I have more commentaries in this ensuing dialogue