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I see several aspects to your post that I deeply appreciate. You distinguished repentance as changing of ones mind, thus offloading the artificial religiously imposed kind of salvation by works.
Greetings EE,

Mutual respects in universal truth, love, ethics and altruism, since no one in their right mind denies the precept of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man,..that we are here to learn, grow, evolve, and serve one another in community for the higher good and prosperity of all.

Granted, love is the WAY,....and faith working by love, will reveal itself thru WORKS. - you might know my view on this, so I wont bother in quoting James - but one cannot ever deny that "faith without works is not living".

I also noted that you acknowledge that the soul goes on.
I approach this view from a more universal Spiritualist perspective, some of which has been supported by NDE's, OBE's, spirit-communications/mediumship, Afterlife studies, Psychical Research, and so on. All these and other fields of study SUPPORT the 'continuation of consciousness in some form'. This is further confirmed by the religious beliefs of most all theistic religions as well, so some part of man's own spirit-nature or soul-sense, assumes some kind of continuation of life.

I still wish you would roll up your sleeves and rip the scripture out and intertwine mostly scripture with reserved dialogue to keep your points from being attacked, but I read what you wrote and I have to say that it has "some" fair validity.
Thanks, I did have a very large thread on 'NDE's and the Afterlife'....so have some research time into this subject, even though some believing in 'soul sleep' and 'conditional immortality' totally deny any conscious existence after physical death, unless or until they are supernaturally 'resurrected' as some future point in time. - the thing is though, believers of all different persuasions are ALL USING THE BIBLE to support their view, this is why I dont take kindly to the "only use the Bible" approach, but of course will dissect, explore and interpret various passages based on all the knowledge that can be obtained concerning its proper translation.

HOWEVER, since I've learned so much more beyond the scope of a literal reading of the Bible, I cannot just limit myself to the Bible ALONE, because to do so would be to be intellectually honest with what I've learned so far, in the great world of knowledge, information and the concept of 'progressive revelation'. IF there are some who wholly discount my religious and philosophical perspectives because I dont use enough 'scripture' in their opinion,...then that is a clear of example of assessing a subject only on their 'terms'. I prefer to tackle a subject on the basis of its essential proposition and universal terms to test, challenge or verify it. - and remain open to learn more.

I don't think karma fits here, because we all have bad karma. Only God has GOOD karma, so to insinuate that our actions, good or bad influence outcome, in light of biblical discussion... other than acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord and God.. in relationship to (changing ones mind).

I think 'repentance' is key to soul transformation, hence its importance taught in scripture, and by other teachers who recognize the universal truth that "All is Mind" anyways,...and there are certain laws, conditions and qualities of mind, that our own 'thinking' can affect and influence which result in the nature and character of our own experience. The prophets and apostles, including Jesus commanded 'repentance' as the 'door' to God's way, will and kingdom.

In fact... I challenge you to bind what you just wrote to scripture. I'm just a voice suggesting this here, but I genuinely appreciated "most" of what you wrote here.
You know I perceive more the meaning, value, truth, ethic or principle of a thing or subject first. This is what I usually address,....and evaluate whatever is written in the Bible thru that contextual lens. Again, I COULD quote scripture with the best of em here, but what would that prove? - you still have every John, Dick and Jane contending their own 'translation' or 'interpretation' of the same passages, engaging in circular debates,...its same ole spin, til the cows come home. Then they wake up for another round of more MOOING.

On this note... I genuinely believe that tampering with communication with the Dead is a bad practice. I sincerely believe that God warned us for the sake of the dead and the living.

What is your stance on this?
I share a Spiritist view on this in my ECT catalog page here. We also did have a thread on Spiritism, the Allan Kardec tradition. I've also read some classic Spiritulist texts given via mediumship and a variety of channeled works, of more modern age. I judge the spiritual value, meanings and content of the messages, and have found some very true in essence...and inspired. Romantically then,...I'm a spiritualist at heart - however when I have taken the challenge against ECT,...there are plenty of passages that would seem to support 'conditional immortality' and 'soul sleep',....so would DENY the concept of souls continuing to be 'conscious' or 'alive' after physical death, and would so deny any communications taking place between an embodied medium with disembodied entities or soul that have once lived on earth, and are now progressed to some higher spiritual sphere or realm in the Unseen World. I guess I choose an agnostic stance to a degree on this, but am open to use my spiritual faculties and intellect to intuit the truth of any spirit communication, whether it was inspired and written thru men in the Bible, or any other religious book used to inspire and serve humanity. I'm OPEN on this. Open-View