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"The difference between a flower and a weed, is a judgment"

I heard this saying from one of the members of Culture Club,......within the last few years in an interview of them reuniting, going on tour and making a new album. I thought it was very insightful. I've always loved wildflowers in nature, and always curious to even see what comes up sometimes in your own garden,...what grows in vacant lots, fields, etc. There is no difference really between a plant that is intentionally planted in a specific place and one that has grown wildly or seeded somewhere by the wind, but that they are still 'plants',....and some of these plants have beautiful flowers, - its only that some are called 'weeds' in that they are more or less wild, undesired, troublesome, unwanted,...so these get called 'weeds'. While we know what a 'weed' is by general definition, there are other naunces that come with the label. So 'terms' are more or less 'relative'. In any case,....this is a good saying to reflect upon, in the terms of how we 'judge' things or persons. Good to think twice and expand your consciousness to reconsider 'labels'. It is good to review the validity of our assumptions and opinions.

- The flower photo is one I took at Pilot Butte State Park here in Bend, Oregon, a mariposa lily.