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Continuing to release Part 2 here, which is mostly (with additional editing) my first response to LA's original question - we continue -


You may have recalled one of my charter threads 'Atonement without blood' (no longer extant) - where I explore and expound upon the FACT that atonement was attained by ways other than a 'blood sacrifice' in the OT (and it was also only effacious for unintentional sins!), and even today among Jews all that is essential for atonement is 'repentance' via prayer, good works, return to right-doing. The fact is that 'repentance' and 're-turning' to God in this manner is all that is essential. - see what Jesus and his original apostles taught - "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand".

Could Jesus Death atone for anyone sins? (Rabbi Singer)

The slaughtering of innocent animals, much less an innocent or pure human being is not 'necessary' or 'required' (even cruel and immoral) for salvation from sin or to save one from the fictitious wrath of God. I've shared and questioned this 'belief' in my former thread of old, and in other places, but not as prominently as of recent, since the subject has not come within the scope of any recent discussions. This should be of no surprise for those familiar with my past writings,..but SADLY here, many judge me from just a few commentaries they read from a few select threads, without even knowning the great breadth, depth and scope of my 'theology' and research amassed thus far. Many are fairly clueless and their posts show it. And even so in any pursual of truth,...viewpoints are subject to change.

This does not affect the value or import of what I share concerning the subjects being treated here, since they are evaluated and engaged in the exchange of discussion, weighed upon their own merits or demerits. Ideas, principles, values, meanings, concepts, beliefs are to be considered philosophically, and on another level for their practicality. You might discover that alot of theology, especially of a mere 'doctrinal' nature, doesnt even touch the latter level of practicality, beyond various dogmatic assumptions and 'posturing' (folks getting stuck in various positionalities instead of being free in spirit). - and still all doctrines must be considered for their ethical or moral value/consistency, among other qualifiers.

I could say more, for there is much more to say. Truth has no apologies, since 'blood' in and of itself cannot save, much less cleanse anyone from 'sin',...the only efficacy of it is what is accepted or imagined in one's own imagination by 'faith', and what the 'blood' means or symbolizes. - its all subjective. Blood does not have any magical sin-cleaning power to it, beyond what one invests in it. Granted, the blood of Jesus has alot of symbolic power, and I respect it. I value all the hidden meaning behind religious symbols and emblems, even taking their substance on inner spiritual levels, so do know their potential powers. Most of us mystics do. However the critical questioning of the concept or belief behind 'blood atonement' remains, since God was at one time disgusted of such, it became a stench in his nostrils! - all the temple sacrifices offered for a million years cannot help you, unless/until you REPENT and live a life of purity, and commit to DO God's will. - you are responsible for your own 'sins' and for your own 'atonement'. - God provides the grace and means of course for your salvation, and the key is activated via 'repentance', - all else are but helps towards the essential changing of the inward disposition of the mind, the rebirth of the spirit within, the inner transformation and direction of will.

FURTHERMORE...sacrifice itself, blood-letting or otherwise (pick your method or means), is symbolic of the soul surrendering, yielding all to 'God'. Your true sacrifice is the putting your own flesh, your own ego, self desires on the cross, crucifying it, for the dominance and rising(life) of your 'spirit' to ascend to its place in ruling the soul-body, so you are LED by the spirit, walking in the victory of God-consciousness. All these religious rituals and gestures are 'figurative'(symbolic) so that one can offer the kinds of sacrifices that 'God' really accepts at an inward level, actions of the soul and spirit engaging in true spiritual service.