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Also, if you are assuming that there has to be a mother because there is a father, you can't stop there! There must be a heavenly grandfather and grandmother because in human terms you can't have a father and a mother without first having grandparents! After all, God has to be confined to the rules of humanity!

We can't make assumptions like this without any Biblical reference to it whatsoever! It is Idolatry plain and simple. Before long we will be praying to the Heavenly Father, Son, and Uncle Charlie!

See my former commentary on gender here and links

Man is made in God's image and likeness, He created them male and female. Man is male/female, a dualized unity, a dyad. 'God' therefore has masculine and feminine qualities/characterists, so in this light it is not illogical or irration to apply the title of 'Father-Mother-God' to Deity, when relating to a familial/creational context....because Deity is the 'Father-Mother'(Progenitor and Womb) of all that exists,..being the CREATOR. Creation comes forth thru the merging and intercourse of both genders, so the law of gender, universally proved and demonstrated by Nature herself, and most procreational processes proves such. Our own human race/families, are brought forth thru the 'intercourse' of 'male' and 'female' vehicles.

Most all holistic religious traditions/mythology/theology recognizes the divine Mother or femimine aspect of 'God', which is also expressed in the various Goddess traditions as well. Even our earth is regarded as Mother, as well as the Holy Spirit/Shekinah/Wisdom (feminine aspects of Deity)...even as the Jerusalem above is our MOTHER. So,...it is only natural that our love and worship of 'God' recognizes and loves 'God' as both 'Father' and 'Mother'.

However dont make the carnal assumption as you are doing, that by simply recognizing this, this means we are converting or limiting 'God' to our own finite limited definition of 'father' or 'mother' or even 'gender', since 'God' is truly INFINITE. All we can do is approximate and see the laws, tendencies and qualities of nature, energy, matter, spirit, our own bodily existence, and by 'analogy' and 'correspondence' see the 'masculine' and 'feminine' polarities expressing themselves in nature. Respect must be given to universal laws, principles and conduct of reality in this limited finite natural domain, since this corporeal existence mirrors the higher invisible realities of Spirit (the heavenlies). - this is the law of correspondence,...a basic understanding in estoeric teachings. "as above, so below". (heaven/earth).

As we give all the glory to Deity, let us honor and worship God's character and nature FULLY,....the seed giver and the womb(mother of all living) of our existence, our heavenly Matrix

Your 'uncle Charlie' reflects ignorance, misunderstanding and a constrained lop-sided image of 'God'. Again,...'Deity' far transcends our finite terms, titles or names which our limited intellects can conceive, but by analogy, correspondence and figurative language, we have the 'language' that helps assist, unfold and grant us insight and entrance into 'God-consciousness'. ....God's own divine NATURE. My mention of the law of honoring one's parents still stands here, since 'God' is our divine Parent, and MAN is made/created in the image and likeness of Deity. To those who see, only sacredness and honor are being fostered here, to the Living Divine....to Deity Alone in all His/Her glory. In as much as we personify 'God' as 'Father', even so by natural law, principle and corespondence, 'God' can also be personified as 'Mother'. There is no idolatry whatsoever in this recognition. - to re-cognize this is only to expand one's appreciation and love for the Divine.

Do note,...this is not being presented as a 'dogma', neither is this presented as a 'creed' to be accepted as 'orthodox',...it is simply recognizing that gender originates from 'God', and that 'God' embodies, expresses and potentializes the full glory of both genders, AS WELL AS transcends gender altogether,...but much in the conditional realms of existence is produced by the intercourse of genders, and we see this reflected in YHWH's own law given to the hebrews...about honoring both father and mother, which is one way we Honor 'God' among the other laws of 'relationship'.

"As above, in the heavenlies; so below, on earth".

A wonderful article by Elaine H. Pagels - What became of God the Mother ?

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