I question and challenge the traditional concept of 'Eternal Conscious Torment' (ECT), which presumes the wicked or 'unsaved' will be punished or tormented forever in a lake of fire, or a hell-like realm, for all eternity, to no end or resolve. I challenge this 'belief' on many levels, also as we contemplate the principles of 'free will' and the 'law of compensation'(karma) in light of the eternal will of God who is Love.

In Timotheo's thread 'Is the doctrine of Eternal Conscious Torment biblical or not?' I share my points in these post-links below (these are just initial commentaries,...I continue to add more thru-out this thread) -


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Touching on essentials (going beyond 'biblical' assumptions)
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Logic is not the only tool in determing what is true
Seeing God for who He is (as Love)
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Souls have immortality-potential
Misrepresenting God
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Recent posts as of 11- 8 - 2013

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Here is another sister thread called 'Justification of Eternal Punishment', I continue to share my thoughts starting on page 4, post # 53.


As far as soul-death or what is called 'annihilation' goes,...I refer to it as 'soul-death' or 'soul-disintegration', where the 'integrity' and 'life-potential' of a soul is 'expunged', wiped out, terminated. It becomes as if that soul did not exist, so the soul truly 'dies'. All that is of 'God', having eternal value is not lost however, and is absorbed back into God, the OverSoul of creation, the Spirit-energy Source of all that is.

An expanded and more detailed description of 'soul-death' is found in the Urantia Papers, but one must understand the terms of the teaching there, which includes 'free will', 'personality' and those conditions with enable a soul to choose eternal survival or fusion with that divine fragment of 'God' within, whereby the soul truly becomes 'immortal' like 'God'. Souls in this school's opinion can choose a final and eternal death (cessation) of existence, if and when they totally reject life and wholly embrace iniquity which results in 'death', the absence of life, a true destruction of the soul.

As shared before, other factors influence affections here, such as 'free will' and the law of karma, conditioning and determining certain and possible outcomes in the unfolding of events. There is also a more universalist outlook that sees all souls beginning as simple/innocent, progressing thru time and space to eventually/ultimately be reunited with God, thru trial & error, experience and learning, thru time and space, merging at last with their heart's true source of joy and eternal home.

All souls who still have the ability and capacity to repent or return to 'God', are allowed in that space to be saved, healed, restored, enlightened, inspired, liberated, empowered, etc. for such is the spirit of Love and Wisdom whose very nature and movement is towards wholeness, healing and salvation, building on those eternal principles of goodness, truth and beauty. Love and Life inspires such eternal survival and infinity of good, worlds witout end.

Spiritism's viewpoint here.