For me, when it comes to views of the end times, any view, including, dispensational, and even historic premillennial (so-called non-dispensational Premillennialism), that encompasses earthly millennial reigning dishonorably implies Our Lord has abdicated from sitting at the right hand of God (e.g., Eph. 1:20-23; Col. 3:1-4; Rom. 8:34). I refuse to go there.

Post-millennial views are basically amillennial views, with recapitulation—parallels covering the same ground from different perspectives (Rev. 1-3; Rev. 4-7; Rev. 8-11; Rev. 12-14; Rev. 15-16; Rev. 17-19; Rev. 20-22.)—progressively applied to the symbolism of Revelation (see explanation in Hendrickson's More Than Conquerors), said symbolism being such that many fulfillments in the unfolding of church history could be allowed. As an example, in amillennialism, Rev. 20:1 is not describing something following in chronologically order what is described in Rev. 19 (Second Coming). Rather, Rev. 20:1 moves us to the start of the New Testament era and recapitulates the entire present age.