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Thread: toldailytopic: Is general revival at all any longer possible in the western church?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crucible View Post
    Probably not, unless there is an extreme social reform, and society is moving in the complete opposite direction.

    The fact of the matter is that Christianity is in the beginnings of being taken under siege. Christianity is probably going to soon be spending too much time enduring the onslaught to really have any thought of revival.

    It's just a cold, blunt truth- the sooner it is acknowledged, the more Christians can be prepared.
    Isn't that exactly when revival happens? Why would the Church revive when it is comfortable and can still deceive itself into believing that the government, business, and culture around it are "Christian"? When we are once again bizarre to the world and the world is become bizarre to us, then we have a chance of living in this world, but not as if we are of it.

    The Church revives and the harvest comes during times of persecution and trouble, not comfort and public enfranchisement.

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    That's very true. I think that to be truly Christian is to be truly revolutionary. If you take the Bible at all seriously, it would appear God is the greatest status-quo shaker-upper ever.

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