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Thread: Town Quixote's

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    Talked about borders and PC with JS...
    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Shugart View Post
    You didn't notice all of the politically corrects who are crying crocodile tears because children were being separated from their parents at the border?
    Anyone who isn't upset over that has bigger issues than some term largely concocted to whitewash poor upbringing and worse manners.

    ...Matthew Wossner, a poli-sci professor at Penn State, had it right to my mind when he said the left is too quick to slather any policy in ideological opposition touching upon sensitive issues of race and gender with charges of sexism and racism, and that the right is too quick to label legitimate criticism as political correctness.

    Both errors have the same outcome, stifling public speech and meaningful debate.

    And education with CS...
    Quote Originally Posted by ClimateSanity View Post
    Education is the responsibility of the parents, if they cannot carve out enough time in a week to educate their children, they have the wrong priorities. No money involved.
    Anyone who thinks an untrained parent can make a child competitively advanced in the ways fundamental education by professionals can doesn't understand either that educational process or the world those children will be entering. Every other first world nation does, and they advance their interests by educating the next wave of our competition.

    So I'm not appealing to an altruistic spirit, much as that spirit is served in principle, but to a fundamental self-interest.

    So, of course...
    Quote Originally Posted by Stripe View Post
    Anyone who thinks a random stranger is a better bet to raise their child is either horribly deceived or worse.
    Anyone who confuses a highly trained professional with a random stranger is only slightly more confused than the person who confuses the work of a teacher with raising their child.

    A response to another poster had me pondering the sort of bait some use to fish around here...
    Quote Originally Posted by annabenedetti View Post
    Lovely red herring you're dragging.
    Fun facts about that fish:

    Its season used to run with elections, but now you can catch them year round.

    It's frequently found in the less fresh waters around Washington and state capitals.

    The less educated you are the more likely you are to serve and buy it.

    Though frequently relied upon for sustenance by large groups of people, it is almost impossible to swallow individually.

    Goes well with copious amounts of alcohol.

    Smells worse when you think about it more, though in any event it is always more than a little bitter.

    While AB's speculation about a running joke...
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Brain View Post
    How has he not bored himself to death with it by now?

    Maybe he had an aneurysm.

    That would explain a few thousand things...

    Does make you wonder how he remembers his password though.

    It's probably misspelled.

    And then there was...
    Quote Originally Posted by eleventhhour View Post
    Hello. We all know here are many, many individuals in most all political and religious organizations who are wonderful, honest and caring people. There are so many good Catholics and Liberals who are part of the organiazation, perhaps they were born into it or were brought in by a friend or loved one but do not understand or suscribe to the organizations PATHOLOGICAL and demented views.
    See, that started off half-way decent, but then you veered into the crazy lane and that's why we all have to pay higher premiums.

    Here's an alternative: a lot of people just fundamentally disagree with you (and everyone at some point) about some fairly important things. They don't have to be lazy thinkers or blind followers, only people who come to different conclusions than you.

    This is the greatest commonality and CORE bond that Liberal Democrats, Catholics, and Muslims unite in and have in common. A total perversion that seXually draws them together in a frenzy of lust, perversity, and depravity.
    aCW is still posting, so I can't say that's the craziest post of the year, but if Chrys comes back and takes a swing that one is easily in the hunt.

    Before things got serious...
    Quote Originally Posted by annabenedetti View Post
    I'd go for the sweet and salty.
    A great comedy duo back in the days of Vaudeville, but they never got to make the film debut that might have launched them because of the rating system.


    Sweet went on to design Valentine's Day cards. Salty was arrested several times on morality charges in and around the Boston area before being elected to Congress.

    Quote Originally Posted by annabenedetti View Post
    All I wanted was a snack...
    All I wanted was a pony...

    It's a hard world out there, anna.

    Tomorrow? Murdering the truth about racial relations, let's not sing like that birdy sang, and someone reads a poem, of all things...
    You aren't what you eat, but you're always what you swallow.


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