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    Quote Originally Posted by Town Heretic View Post
    What I love about is the only art form where we experience the other, the mind of the artist, as intimately. When we read, we bring their thoughts into our mind, and that happens before we apply ourselves to them. In that regard it is unlike any other form of art.

    So it doesn't surprise me that the more well read a person is the more tolerant and empathetic they tend to be (Scientific American, Oct. 4, 2013). It rather follows, as an expansion of who we are should follow. Walking in the shoes of another, or the thoughts of another, changes something in us if we pay attention.

    When we read the world gets smaller in the very best sense.
    Re the bolded above. I have found this to be true. I follow an evangelist on Facebook and while I agree with his message of salvation, the way he goes about it is cringe worthy. When listening to him speak or read anything he writes, you can tell he probably is not well read. I don't claim to be well read myself, but he is a spectacle. He claims the only book he needs and reads is the KJB. He is intolerant of everything and everyone and will not hold a civilized discussion on anything with which he disagrees. I don't know why I still follow him. Entertainment perhaps. But when reading your post above, he immediately came to mind.

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    Is it more reasonable to blame God for the tractor falling on Uncle Fred because of his drinking, or to blame Uncle Fred for driving his tractor drunk again?
    You aren't what you eat, but you're always what you swallow.


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