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    Things were heating up along the fenceline in the Trump/Knob thread...
    Quote Originally Posted by Grosnick Marowbe View Post
    Town Heretic is a bit of a pompous fellow, isn't he?
    Like having your shoe size mocked by a clown.

    I love a good sense of humor,
    Like Quasimodo dreaming of Esmerelda.

    unfortunately,TH wasn't blessed with one. However, he compensates for that shortcoming, having convinced himself that he's witty.
    It's more of a land of the blind sort of thing.

    He's his own number one FAN. Although, I kind of think his FAN is unplugged.
    Hey! GM, good to have you back!

    And really, how often does anyone say that about cancer?

    I kid, of course. Cancer is the result of abnormal growth.

    Leading to speculation...
    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Brain View Post
    Eh, nice little gossip club they've got going on...
    There's a rumor I may replace night baseball at some point.

    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
    I think you'll hear lots of refreshing things noted in articles for the next 7.2 years.
    There's a thin line between optimism and Prozac.

    Before decrying my...

    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
    Ignoring informative, relevant, educational Youtube video
    Don't forget Wikis! And cocktail napkins. I'm sure they're just full of...information. Else, if you can't find the information in better authority it's probably just some guy with a video camera and an attitude.

    Someone I've never heard of before stopped by to interject something I'll never think on again...
    Quote Originally Posted by Artur Axmann View Post
    guns are to be used for the purpose they were made.. no?

    what are you griping about?
    Words are made to communicate meaningful information. What are you using them for?

    DR had a word about a curious focus...
    Quote Originally Posted by drbrumley View Post
    JW's don't stand for the anthem or pledge a flag....nary a peep about them...
    Maybe if they'd convert to Islam.

    While on the overhyped NFL ratings are falling...
    Quote Originally Posted by ClimateSanity View Post
    Ratings are down 17.5% since 2015 at this point in the season.
    Nothing was happening on the anthem front in 2015. So the only reason to go back that far is to make the decline more dramatic. Ratings went down in 2015 without anyone kneeling. Why? I'll come back to the likely culprits and the as likely misapprehension in a moment.

    I don't know what you consider as freefall
    A sharp, typically sudden statistical downturn. That's not what's happening here, where we've actually seen some rebound and where the overall decline precedes what some are attempting to call the effect. That sort of thing.

    A few points:

    1. Nielsen doesn't factor mobile devices, which over the same last few years has become a way a great many people keep track of games, especially the younger set.

    2. Cord cutters have impacted ratings, especially of NFL Network or ESPN generated games.

    3. On top of that potential for statistical misread you had the domestic violence black eye, followed by a serious concussion concern that became a topic of moment for fans and parents of potential fans/players, then the anthem controversy. That much negative press over a couple of years is going to have an impact, even if that's largely in the soft viewership. It's still an important demo.

    An interesting side bar that moves us toward alternate viewing, the worst downturn year, last year, saw 5% more viewers, an actual increase, but the overall viewership was watching less of any particular game. Forbes, Sept. 27, 2017 It makes me wonder if the Red Zone was such a good idea for the NFL, getting viewers accustomed to watching here and there and skipping out on the commercials and down time. Also, among those who still typically use tvs to watch the game, an aging demographic but one with teeth and numbers, viewership is actually up this year. It's down among younger viewers who (again) may be watching but less of any particular and using other means than television.

    JS said the darndest thing...
    Quote Originally Posted by jsanford108 View Post
    I am glad to find out you are an attorney.
    Well there's a thing you don't hear that often.

    For the time, let us ignore a generalization that attorneys care more about success than truth.
    Isn't that like, "You're a [redacted], but let's put the petty aside for now."

    Do you not classify the published statements of police and investigators as separate from "eye witness testimony?"
    Early statements from police tend to be reflections of available testimony and preliminary forensics. They're only as reliable as the sources and, from time lines to brass, those can be as prone to movement and correction.

    Okay. Let us proceed with this. Give evidence of the expended brass.
    By accounts, including video, an awful lot of shots were fired. Guns that fire shells leave brass somewhere. In this case, the most likely somewhere would be amongst the glass caught on a ledge below the shooter's two positions.

    The same goes for your false assumption that I was confusing basic rifles with assault-styles.
    An assertion can be false. An assumption is at best mistaken, because it's not purporting to be the truth, only one potential explanation, in this case one aimed at your curious belief that there was something awry in the final tally of wounded and killed. From a shooter's perspective there really isn't for any number of reasons, most of which I set out in my last on the point, from darkness to distance, adrenaline to shifting positions, to wasting time trying to ignite fuel tanks, etc.

    Implying that I had little knowledge of gun mechanics, classifications, etc.
    No, implying a lack of understanding or consideration of a number of points that readily answered on the point. I have a good friend who retired from the Marines as a Gunney. I asked him about the tally and if it surprised him. He said it didn't, but that it wouldn't have surprised him if there were double the fatalities either. His tick list was largely in line with mine and he added that a lot of luck is in play when you have people who lack muscle memory response to intensely stressful periods of time. He said that even when he was involved in an ambush situation where he had high ground and numbers, the stress was so intense that the first time he understood the reason for all the drilling he'd been put through and why they put him through it with the levels of stress added in.
    Tomorrow? Your guess is as good as the president's. Unless you're sober, of course (either).
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    You aren't what you eat, but you're always what you swallow.


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