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Thread: Real Science Friday: Does Stephen Hawking Exist?

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    Real Science Friday: Does Stephen Hawking Exist?

    RSF: Does Stephen Hawking Exist?

    This is the show from Friday, April 4th 2012.


    * Tennessee's Academic Freedom Bill: The State of Tennessee passed an Academic Freedom Law that allows teachers to present evidence on controversial issues like global warming and evolution. Tennessee, of course, is where the 1925 Scopes Monkey trial took place and Bob Enyart and Fred Williams recall that Hollywood finally got it right with the 2011 movie "Alleged" which, unlike their earlier attempts, now accurately portrays the issues and people involved in the controversy that erupted in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee and eventually  affected the entire nation.

    * UPDATE On The Mother of All Extinctions: Scientists from Arizona State University have found a very rapid worldwide change in the ocean's radioactivity at the time of the extinction of 90% of the species in the oceans. RSF will keep the audience updated as to whether or not this discovery provides corroboratory evidence for Dr. Walt Brown's theory, based on the global flood, of The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity.

    * "Snowflake" Clumping Yeast Evolved to Form Snowflake Clumps: Evolutionists experimented with yeast that tends to form clumps that look like snowflakes, and they assumed that they witnessed evolution taking place because they ended up with yeast that forms clumps that look like snowflakes. So, is Fred now ready to "give up trying to defend creationism?" Tune in to find out! Also, the evolutionists assume that this yeast species, perhaps what... hundreds of millions of years old by their calculations, evolved a brand new complex ability, to work together, in just the 60-day period of their experiments! Golly. That's amazing! But half a year ago, RSF reported on Bacteria that are smarter than fish. So Bob and Fred figure that the yeast in this experiment didn't have a light-speed burst of evolution but instead merely outsmarted the evolutionists.

    * Bob and Fred have Fun with Hawking and Science: Stephen Hawking says that the universe didn't need God to make itself. To demonstrate his claim, he gives the illusion that he's being scientific but in reality he is just telling a story. The guys first compare the contradictory multiverse theory of infinite parallel universes with Hawking's claims. And then they ask if Stevie wonders whether or not anyone has noticed that he's contradicted himself, the laws of physics, and makes circular arguments?

    * Did God Create Time? Genesis says that God created light and life, space and matter. But did God also create time? Bob and Fred disagree a bit with Creation Magazine on this issue and also ponder what God meant when He said that He put eternity into our hearts! See also our article on God and Time.

    Todays Resource: Get the greatest cell biology video ever made! Getting this on DVD:
    - helps you to share it with others
    - helps keep Real Science Friday on the air, and
    - gets you Dr. Don Johnson's book as a bonus!
    Information is encoded in every cell in our DNA and in all living things. Learn how the common world view of life's origin, chemical evolution, conflicts with our knowledge of Information Science. Finally, information Science is changing the way millions of people think about all living systems!
    Also, have you browsed through our Science Department in the KGOV Store? You just might LOVE IT!!
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    I think Hawking is getting senile. He is getting more ridiculous with his theories.

    The Troll Shredder--Brrrtttttt!

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    Atheists are always using their explanations as if their explanations are evidence. When will we see an honest presentation and defense of evolution?
    Where is the evidence for a global flood?
    When the world is a monster
    Bad to swallow you whole
    Kick the clay that holds the teeth in
    Throw your trolls out the door

    "The waters under the 'expanse' were under the crust."
    -Bob B.

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