Here are a couple of the most simple Truths that most FOOLS are totally blind to, just because they’re FOOLS!!

All you smart guys, gloat over “Peter betraying Jesus thrice, before the rooster crowed twice”!! – Jesus was not talking about the rooster crowing JUST ONE time, each time, meaning that the rooster crowed once or twice. --- When a Rooster crows, he’ll crow a dozen times or so, and maybe twenty minutes later, start crowing again, maybe a dozen times in just a couple of minutes. - BUT YOU GENIUSES!!! - You only know of the rooster’s crowing one time. -- WHAT FOOLS!!!!!
AND YOU GENIUSES, gobbled down the teaching that Sheep are afraid of running water, or a brook, or stream of running water, and won’t drink from running water!! – AGAIN, --- YOU IGNORANT FOOLS!!!! --- The whole idea of Jesus and the “RIVERS OF LIVING WATERS”, are for the “Good and Honest Heart” to drink the WATER AS SHEEP. – You Geniuses, it’s that Living Rivers of Water, or the well of water “SPRINGING UP” in the Christian, and “HE” is to “give a cup of THAT cold water only” to a lost person. --- Matthew 10:42 KJV -----//--- It’s the Gospel, you blind, and unlearned SCHOLARS!!! - But nothing matters to FOOLS!!! – “They have their reward”!!!

Why do FOOLS open their foolish mouths when they know nothing about what they are talking about??? --- Because they’re FOOLS!!! – WELL!! – Some Fools don’t know enough to attempt to teach anything but GARBAGE FROM THEIR OWN FOOLISH BLOOD PUMP!! – That’s what a FOOL does; -- teach things that are not TRUTH!!! --- AGAIN, YOU IGNORANT FOOL! – Tell me that you can’t understand what I’m talking about!!!

Here’s something for that GENIUS FOOL, who must have something to talk about me in the ditch!! ---- I am not here to TRY to save any of you Fools. - If you want to not be a Fool, that’s a different story. - But to the FOOLS!! – I didn’t come to kiss and make love with your cursed donkey you sit on and ride over people with!! – I AM not here to gather any of you haters of Christ to me, I don’t want any of you cowards near me where I AM!!! – I first came with a Sword, as I said!! – BUT NOW, -- I have a sharp sickle, and I AM gathering, and have gathered you unlearned and deniers of Truth / Jesus, and you ARE IN THE FIRE, and you are not coming out of “IT”!! – IT IS DONE!!!! ---- WHAT WAS!! -- Jude 1:23 KJV –

Paul – 042912