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Er,Bob, if it is a literal half an hour then John was 'literally' there.........
....in the future! Stay consistent, man! Use that God-given brain.

Besides not being consistent, you are also falling into the same incorrect/inconsistent loop as others before you have, and that being: God is relational to time and heaven is relational to it also, which doesn't mean what is assumed, that there is nothing else or no other possibility to existence. It is incorrect to assume that 'relational' means locked-in. That logic just doesn't follow as if it is the only way God can related. God is both relational to, yet unconstrained by time. I can be in Paris and yet fly home anytime I like. Being in Paris doesn't make me French.

Again, that's just silly. We live in a 'temporal' (created) environment and are finite creatures. The infinite cannot be thought of in terms of the finite and time is one of those logical as well as physically manifested properties. You are trying to say all but time are created properties? That logic just doesn't fly. It is logical that what I make is apart from me. God is no more 'bound' by time than moments of contemplative interaction making and observing the created, than He is bound inside the cookie jar He made. This kind of assertion, no matter where you want to conveniently redirect blame, is elementary or at least freshman.
The above consideration alone, that John is seeing a 'literal' half an hour then would mean it is a 'future literal' half an hour, proves the fact: relational, unconstrained.

Yeah, I'd think you'd want to wait until such starkly obvious discrepancies as above are adequately addressed before submitting first-drafts as if they are gold or something.
Nice post Lon. Standard Christianity but well explained