Getting to the Root of the Matter

This is the show from Wednesday February 9th, 2011.


* Getting to the Root with a Deist: Bob Enyart talks with classical deist Lewis Loflin of Lewis believes that Old Testament teaching that God will judge human beings for their immorality, but:
- he rejects a literal interpretation of the Genesis creation days as 24 hour periods
- he rejects that Genesis teaches that the earth is only thousands of years old
- he rejects the Genesis account of a global flood.
So Bob and Lewis agree to begin by discussing the age of the earth, and then on another show, discuss the New Testament and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

* "I'll See Your One Expert, and Raise You Thirty": Lewis mentions a Hebrew scholar who believes the text of Genesis does not indicate a young earth. So Bob said, "Lewis, I see your expert, and raise you thirty." And then Bob quoted the Professor of Hebrew at Oxford, James Barr, who wrote in 1984, “so far as I know, there is no professor of Hebrew or Old Testament at any world-class university who does not believe that the writer(s) of Genesis 1:11 intended to convey to their readers the ideas that: the figures contained in the Genesis genealogies provided by simple addition a chronology from the beginning of the world up to later stages in the biblical story.”

* Bob and Lewis Loflin then went on to Scientific Evidence for the Age of the Earth: See the list of science observations below that the science fans discussed.

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* RSF's 2011 EAL SCIENCE FRIDAY - This growing list of scientific observations contains items that even old-earth geologists now admit did not form over millions of years, but rapidly. As reported by's Real Science Friday hosts CRS webmaster Fred Williams and Bob Enyart, many of these scientific finds demand a re-evaluation of supposed million-year ages:

* Soft Tissue T-Rex: Montana State University found soft tissue in a supposedly 65-million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex thighbone that remain supple: see startling photos!

* '155 million year old' - Squid - 'Still Inky': Which two of those three claims are irrefutable? The British Geological Survey's Dr. Phil Wilby gets two right. It was a squid. And it was still inky! See the report of the find and the drawing of the squid drawn by the squid's very own ink!

* Scablands: cover thousands of square miles of eastern Washington and against fierce geologists claims of slow formation over millions of years, there is now overwhelming evidence as presented even in a NOVA TV show that the Scablands formed rapidly from catastrophic, regional flooding.

* Heart Mountain Detachment: near Yellowstone, didn't occur slowly by uniformitarian processes, but in only about 30 minutes a mountain of rock covering 425 square miles broke into 50 pieces and slide apart over an area of more than 1,300 square miles. The evolutionist source reports, "Land Speed Record: Mountain Moves 62 Miles in 30 Minutes."

* MORE SOFT DINOSAUR TISSUE!: Ho-hum… sooo boring. According to National Geographic, just another dinosaur with soft-tissue, this time, a hadrosaur, with soft blood vessels and connective tissue and… what’s this? Looks like blood cell protein amino acid chains that have already been partially sequenced at Harvard. This supposedly 80-million year-old non-fossilized duck-billed dinosaur tissue was discovered by a team led by researchers at North Carolina State University.

Seems they wanted to get some soft dino tissue, so they put together a team, and just went out and got some. (Consider all the potential soft dino structures, and perhaps even DNA, lost to humanity because of the false evolutionary timescale which so biased paleontology that they never even would look for non-decomposed, non-fossilized biological tissue inside of dinosaur bones.)

And still more: And in the summer of 2010, scientists report the presence of original biological material in archeopteryx feathers and bones, that have survived for 150 million years!

* Rare School of Jellyfish Fossilized: Previously, seven sedimentary layers had been described as taking a million years to form. And because jellyfish have no skeleton, it is rare to find them among fossils. But now, a school of jellyfish fossils have been found in those same seven layers showing that they were not deposited over a million years, but during a single event and quickly enough to trap a school of jellyfish.

* Yellowstone Petrified Tree Strata: The National Park Service took down their deceptive sign that had claimed petrified trees in a dozen different strata had proved that millions of years had passed during the rise and fall of successive forests. But the petrified trees there had no root systems, and the trees were clearly transported by water and settled into rapidly deposited sediments just as had occurred in Spirit Lake after Mount St. Helens erupted. Bob Enyart had the honor of working with the head ranger at a National Park (had dinner at his home; discussed how this sign could be removed), and he corresponded with his colleagues at Yellowstone and urged them to correct or remove the sign. They removed it. (See also AIG.).

* European vs. Asiatic Honeybees: these two populations of bees have been separated supposedly for seven million years. A researcher decided to put the two together to see what would happen. What we should have here is a failure to communicate that would have resulted after their "language" evolved over millions of years. However, European and Asiatic honeybees are still able to communicate, putting into doubt the evolutionary claim that they were separated over "geologic periods." For more, see Real Science Friday at, Nov. 7, 2008 and Creation Magazine, September 2008 and PLoS ONE (Public Library of Science) 4 June 2008.

* Carlsbad Cavern: New Mexico, Nat'l Park Service sign said 260 MYA, then 8MYA, then 2MYA, and then they took down the sign claiming formation took millions of year. On Bob Enyart's family vacation in 2005 the official audio tour states, "rate of formation depends on the amount of available water." See RSF 11-7-08 at KGOV.

* Lihir Gold Deposit: in Papua New Guinea, evolutionists assumed the more than 20 million ounces of gold in the Lihir reserve took millions of years to deposit, but geologists can now demonstrate that the deposit could have formed in thousands of years, or far more quickly!

* Box Canyon, Idaho: Geologists now think Box Canyon in Idaho, USA, was carved by a catastrophic flood and not slowly over millions of years with 1) huge plunge pools formed by waterfalls; 2) the almost complete removal of large basalt boulders from the canyon; 3) an eroded notch on the plateau at the top of the canyon; and 4) water scour marks on the basalt plateau leading to the canyon. Scientists calculate that the flood was so large that it could have eroded the whole canyon in as little as 35 days. Creation Magazine, Sept. – Nov. 2008 page 7 from Science 23 May 2008, pp. 1067-1070

* Manganese Nodules: which allegedly form only over "geologic time periods" have formed "around beer cans" according to a World Almanac documentary, of course disproving the million-year requirement! There are also reports of manganese nodules forming on old World War II ships.

* Mitochondrial Eve: by quantifying the differences in the human genome of mitochondrial DNA and tracking its mutation rate, scientists calculate that there is not millions of years worth of mutations among mankind but only thousands of years. Initially, by admittedly including chimpanzee DNA among their data, evolutionists calculated that Eve lived more than 200,000 years ago, but using actual human mutation rates, she is now dated as just tens of thousands, and even only six thousand years old! See also's "A shrinking date for 'Eve'" and Science magazine's "Calibrating the Mitochondrial Clock."

* Super Nova Remnants: an explosion appeared in the night sky in 1054 A.D. as a supernova remnant (SNR) in the Crab Nebula. Evolutionary scientists have measured and calculated the expected rate that stars would explode. However, if the universe is billions of years old, the vast majority of SNRs (like the Crab Nebula) that should exist, are missing! Instead, the number of SNRs corresponds well to the expected number if the universe is less than 10,000 years old, especially considering that astronomers have not found a single SNR at Stage 3 (a great diameter)! Of course, if the universe is young, there should be no State 3 SNRs! Listen to this Real Science Friday program at!

* Fossils with Protein, DNA and Bacteria: As listed in 2008 by Dr. Walt Brown…
- allegedly 17 million year old magnolia leaf contains DNA (Scientific American 1993)
- allegedly 100 million year old dinosaur fossil contains protein (Science News 1992)
- allegedly 120 million year old insect fossil contains DNA (Nature 1993)
- allegedly 200 million year old fish fossil contains DNA (Science. News 1992)
- allegedly 30 million year old bee fossil contains LIVING bacteria (Science 1995)
- allegedly 600 million year old rock contains LIVING bacillus (Nature 2000).

* Saturn’s Rings: do not show the stability predicted by their presumed 50 to 100 million year-old age, but have changed significantly since man’s first mappings. See RSF 4-10-06 at KGOV.

* Earth's Magnetic Field Reversals: Disproving any notion that magnetic reversals must occur over long periods, as documented by Dr. Walt Brown, Evidence Suggesting Extremely Rapid Field Variations During a Geomagnetic Reversal, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 1989; Earth's Field Flipping Fast, New Scientist, 1992; New Evidence for Extraordinarily Rapid Change of the Geomagnetic Field During a Reversal, Nature 1995. "At one time the orientation of the earth's magnetic field changed rapidly?by up to 6 degrees per day for several days," Brown, 2008.

* Polystrate Fossils: In a thousand locations including the Fossil Cliffs of Joggins, Nova Scotia, polystrate fossils such as trees span many strata disproving the claim that the layers were deposited slowly over millions of years. See CRSQ June 2006, ICR Impact #316, and RSF 8-11-06 at

* Carbon-14 Unexpectedly Found… Everywhere: Carbon-14 decays in only thousands of years, and therefore, cannot last for millions of years. Thus evolutionists are shocked to find Carbon-14 EVERYWHERE it shouldn't be if the earth were old. Carbon-14 is found in diamonds, coal, oil, dinosaur fossils, and amber! In a recent find, Fall 2007 CRSQ, radiocarbon exists even in supposedly million-year-old two-mile deep natural gas wells: "Once again, fossil gas is not carbon-14 dead. Thus, the age of the gases is on the order of thousands, not millions of years.” See RSF 3-28-08 at KGOV.

* Spiral Galaxies: after their alleged billions of years the spiral arms of “pinwheel” galaxies should now be deformed, since as has been known for decades, the speed of the arms does not align with the galaxy centers, so there is “missing billions of years” of deformation in spiral galaxies. Atheistic astronomers have great difficulty even explaining where our own Moon came from, let alone the entire universe, and they admit they can’t even figure out which formed first, stars or galaxies, showing that their Big Bang theory does not merit the absolute trust that millions put in it. Thus far from being able to explain how the universe could form apart from God, they are groping in the dark. See RSF 7-25-08 at KGOV.

* Rocks Harden in Days: According to scientists at Murdoch University, experiments prove that rocks don't need eons to harden but by adding bacteria to "soft sand," they end up with "something resembling marble more than sandstone." See Science Alert and Creation Magazine, September 2010.

* Even Faster Rocks: As listed in Dec, 2010 Creation Matters, radiometric dating by Rubidium-Strontium gives a 1.3 billion year age for lava atop the Grand Canyon which would be 300 million years older than the precambrian basalt at the bottom of the canyon, as reported by Steven Austin, Ph.D. And the Potassium-Argon dating method incorrectly indicates that certain minerals hardened into stone 350,000 years ago, when in reality they solidified just recently, in 1986 at Mount St. Helens, and some of the mineral within the then ten-year old rock was wrongly dated as two million years old.

* Yikes! Millions of Years are MISSING Here: According to evolutionary geologists, there are MORE THAN 100 MILLION YEARS MISSING in the extraordinarily regular and straight layers of the Grand Canyon!

Supposed geological layers entirely missing from the beautifully formed Grand Canyon strata include the Ordovician and the Silurian. The flat boundaries between strata provide hard evidence proving that millions of years of erosion DID NOT OCCUR, and that therefore, those millions of years DID NOT PASS, neither in the canyon nor anywhere on Earth, for they are an atheistic fiction.

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