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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Brain View Post
    Dude, there's people who think 'infowars' is 'telling the truth'. You seem to view Trump as some venerable hero who actually gives a damn about folk like you. He doesn't. Truth be told, most politicians don't give a damn about the 'common people'.
    That's true, but Trump DOES care about ALL the people, much more than Obama, no doubt in my mind. He is gruff and controversial, old school if you will. He has good intentions and wants America to be better. People are ignoring some very good things going on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel4Truth View Post
    Shows that far left is incompatible with God doesn't it?
    There are roughly as many left leaning Christians in the US as right leaning. So no, it doesn't show that at all. And in most countries (where the right wing political viewpoint is not treated as if it were a biblical revelation) they have mostly a Christian Left.

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