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Hello all,

Many years ago, I participated in this thread.

There were things that I said in that thread that I have come to realize are worded poorly, lacking, and can be very, very misleading. I haven't read the entire thing (it's HUGE) and there might be some things I said that are flat out wrong (just acknowledging the possibility), I'm not perfect.

For example when I was asked 'At what point will you have enough good works to be saved,' I replied 'When you have obeyed all of the works commanded of us.' While I believe that to be true, I was missing something at the time. What I should have mentioned were the two great commandments, which involve loving God and loving others. If we don't obey them, there is no way to make it to heaven. Everything we are to do fall under those commandments. There is no quota of good works to do, such as helping the poor, feeding the hungry, visiting people, etc. All of those fall under the two great commandments and is what we are to obey throughout our lives to the end.

Our works are evidence of a true faith and love for God and others. It is that true faith and love for God and others that saves us.

No amount of works that I could ever, ever do can save me - it's impossible. What will save me is the grace of God and my faith through Jesus Christ and His work, and most importantly, my love for him and others.

Don't get me wrong, the Bible makes it quite clear that the disobedient will not inherit the kingdom of God. Obedience is absolutely necessary - again, the disobedient will not inherit the kingdom of God. But our obedience must be inspired from love, otherwise our obedience is useless. God does have an expectation for us to behave in love, which does no harm, and if we stray from it and continue in a lifestyle that is disobedient (sin), there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins and we are in very real danger of hell.

I know it's been many, many years (since 2001 in fact) since I've participated in this thread. I don't know if there is anyone present that was here when I posted in that thread, but I wanted to make a public apology to all and God if I mislead one single person into thinking that we could earn our salvation by our works. We do works not to earn salvation (because you can't earn it), but because they please him when inspired by love. They show God that our love and faith is real.

Believe that Jesus is the son of God and follow him. Not everybody who says to him 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven. As Jesus said himself, if you love him, keep his commandments, and baptism is one of them. That's how one is saved. I don't believe one needs to be baptized because they somehow need to do it to earn their salvation, I believe it needs to be done because Jesus commanded it of every new convert for the remission of sins. Who are we to question him?

All of that being said, I don't intend to get into another huge debate, I'm simply not up to it right now. I just felt the need to say this.
I am glad you have grown a lot sence that time with me and freak!
praise the Lord!