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Great battle...I think kevin did a good job and with great poise and attitude. Logos made some valid points. I want to be a universalist and have tried for a year now but just not enough scriptural support. I realize ill have to believe the bible is loaded with errors to do it and cant get myself there. What I dont understand is how pastor kevin is able to belive in eternal torment for unbelivers and yet still see god as loving?.....or more than that see him as a good mastermind behind creation? My unanswerable question I have that I would love to battle someone on is....after adam and eve sinned why didnt god close eves womb and save billions from going to endless torment? The only logical answer is universalism or annihilation...... Ive tried to get answers and have yet to find one.....can someone please help me?
Hi Scottune,

If you've read any of the posts here you'll see my views written at various time-points, so some of my views may have changed or been modified in various ways, ever evolving - My blog archive on ECT (eternal conscious torment) from a particular thread on the subject is here, and we expound on it more here ('Justification of Eternal Punishment' thread). I see the truth of ultimate destinies lying somewhere between aspects of universalism and 'conditional immortality', but am careful on how we employ those terms,....'terms' having their own 'terms'...and so on. I've also shared how trying to find a so called 'biblical perspective' is limited to the terms provided in the Bible which are not perfect, nor complete IMO,...hence all the various opinions and interpretations, which is why I draw from a university of many different religious traditions, schools of philosophy/metaphysics, Theosophy, Spiritualism, psychical research, etc. to be included in what has been revealed to man so far, in knowledge and experience.