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Thread: Hello everyone! Needing christian friends to talk to

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    Unhappy Hello everyone! Needing christian friends to talk to

    We have had the wonderful experience of going to a couple of Bob's seminars in Louisiana a few years back, and have been a supporter ever since. We listen to his tapes over and over, hearing something else we needed every time! Love your teaching Bob! We recently moved to Texas to be near our grandchildren. We have 5 altogether, but only 4 here in Dallas. We left the youngest in Louisiana, which was really hard to do! But we felt we needed to be here for these. Our youngest daughter, Heather, who has belonged to Christ all her life, moved here with her husband shortly after they married. They have belonged to a non-denominationl church, broke off from a Church of Christ, so you know they still taught the law! They have been very involved in the church since they moved here. Actually, before they moved here, she went to college here at SMU. They have a 10yr old boy and a 9yr old girl who have been raised in this church. About 2 yrs ago, her husband slept with her best friend, told her he didn't love her any more, that he was in love with the other girl and wanted a divorce, and he didn't believe in God anymore and didn't think he ever really did. He wanted her to let the other girl move in with them and him be a husband to both of them. Well, the other girl was married also, and wasn't going to leave her husband, they were going to work things out, so Jeremy, Heather's husband, decided, after Heather kick him out, that he wanted to try to work things out with Heather. So she insisted they go to chrisitian counseling, who after a couple months, told Heather she should let him move back in, for the kids, and so they could work things out while living together. After he moved back in, they eventually quit going to counseling and by the time they came home, La, for Thanksgiving, she wasn't sure she believed in God anymore!! We were crushed! They started partying every weekend, leaving the kids with friends or home alone, she stopped going to church or taking the kids to church. My grandbabies were crushed also! When we moved over here, they started staying every Sat. night with us and going to church. You should have seen them when we told them they were going to start going back to church with us, you would have thought we told them we were taking them to Disney World!! I know this is a long hello, but I need christian people to talk to about this. I hurt so bad to think that my baby won't be in heaven with me! I love them so much and don't know how to handle this. I pray for them every day, asking God not to give her over to this. I know in her heart she knows God, how can she do this? In fact, we had finally got her to read "The Plot" just a couple months before this happened, and she called us all excited when she finished, because, as she said, "she got it!". Then he blew her away with what he did, and messed up her head with all those atheist books and tapes, showing her she was wrong. Being alone with him, with no christian family or friends around, she fell for it. How can I help my baby girl?

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    Pray for her daily. Ask others to do the same.

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