A Night in Jail: Drugs and Mental Illness with Heidi Swan

This is the show from Tuesday, July 16th, 2019


Bob Enyart, as part of his meta-series at kgov.com/pot interviews Heidi Swan about growing up with her brother, the two smoking pot until Heidi experienced a bad trip, actually, cannabis-induced psychosis. She stopped, he continued from age 14 through high school, college, and graduate school, until he had so fried his brain that he couldn't get certified and could never practice in his field of study. He says pot lead him to cocaine and crack, homelessness, and, eighteen times, to jail. After years of misery, he agreed to his sister's offer of help, and then for the two of them to write a novella inspired by his life story, called A Night In Jail. As brother and sister warn everyone they can about the growing acceptance of pot and the attendant increases in mental ilness and homelessness, their book on Amazon has been #1 & #2 in Children's Drug Use eBooks and Teen and Young Adult Psychology eBooks and the reading in LA with actors from a leading Hollywood production recieved a standing ovation with her brother saying that it was the proudest day of his life. Wow. What a sister! (Side notes: Heidi mentioned the talent for the dramatization included a leading voice actor and though it didn't come up on air, Heidi herself also voiced a character in one of the leading game franchises. And coincidentally, Bob enjoyed being on set with the female lead, Ashley Johnson, from our all-time favorite movie Alleged, who also appeared in The Help, Avengers, and as a voice actor in yet another leading franchise!)