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Thread: Channel 4 Condones Child Murder

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    Channel 4 Condones Child Murder

    Channel 4 Condones Child Murder

    This is the show from Monday, May 20th, 2019


    * To Chop or to Burn? Bob answers co-host Doug McBurney’s question about the morality of destroying the pro-child killing billboard erected at Colorado's Utah border by God-hating leftists. See Bob’s Channel 4 News appearance regarding why the billboard went up).

    * Transgenderism Kills: Hear the story of a pregnant tranny who, through a series of tragically confusing events, got its own little child killed.

    * Drag the Queens Outta Here! Hear about the second confirmed convicted child molester invited to read to children at the library, (and hear why it is that seemingly normal people invited Drag Queens in the first place).

    * Pagans Offended by Hippies: Amazon may remove certain “Hinduphobic” items that could possibly offend a religion that worships rats…
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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